Activities near La Villa de Soledad

Cangrejal River Rafting

FOTOS 051The best white water rafting in Honduras can be done at the Cangrejal River, which is literally a doorstep from your room at La Villa de Soledad.  Class II, III and IV rapids will challenge your ability to work as a team as you charge down the river in an inflatable raft. Magnificent green shores, teeming with birdlife, with Pico Bonito National Park flanking the left bank of the River and Nombre de Dios National Park on the right bank, will enhance your experience. If you are addicted to the feel of adrenalin pumping through your body, this is a must do activity! No previous experience in necessary. The regular put in for the activity is only about one third of a mile up river from La Villa de Soledad. The activity is not recommended for kids under 12 years of age. Life vest and helmet are provided.

Canopy Tours


If you are into the feeling of flying through the forest canopy in a zip line, then we have the perfect activity for you! The Jungle River Tours Canopy is located only 2/3 of a mile from our Eco Lodge and offers you the opportunity to zip through a total of 9 cables. Zip across the Cangrejal River, then hike up the mountain into Pico Bonito National Park and then start your return downhill on the remaining 8 cables. The platforms located high in the forest will give you a unique view of the jungle canopy. The last cable will bring you back over the Cangrejal River. The tour will take you a couple of hours. Don’t forget to bring good hiking shoes. The tour company will provide you with a helmet and all the safety harnesses and equipment that you need.

Hiking in pico Bonito national park

puente hamacais located on the north coast of Honduras, and is one of the largest national parks in Central America.  Pico Bonito probably offers the most bio-diverse geographical area in North America, due to the rugged area within this park. Habitats ranging from sea level mangroves to tropical cloud forests, with tropical rain forests and tropical dry forests are all within its boundaries.

Just a half kilometer from La Villa de Soledad is an area of Pico Bonito with trails along the Cangrejal River. Here a visitor’s center gives access to a splendid 120 meter (almost 400ft.) Indiana Jones style hanging bridge that crosses the magnificent Cangrejal River into the park itself.  A well kept trail leads into the forest to the lovely El Bejuco waterfall. The round trip trail will take a good 3 ½ hours to the waterfall and back.

The Cangrejal River visitor’s center is located only 100m (300ft) from La Villa de Soledad. Thus, it is perfect to get up early in the morning for a hike into the park to take advantage of this time of the day to see the local wildlife. Although mammals are hard to see, there are a variety of different mammals that have been seen within this area of the park, including the majestic jaguar, its smaller cousin the jaguarundi, river otters and even anteaters. More easily seen are a variety of birds, including motmots, toucans, parrots and many others. Local guides can be arranged for your hike into Pico Bonito National Park.  Our pet Danger, a Jack Russell Terrier spends a good part of her day looking for vermin to hunt. She has had close encounters (rather smelly, by the way) with skunks, she has also found a porcupine (her nose suffered from one of its spines) as well as squirrels, guatusas, and other rodents!

A network of trails into Pico Bonito National Park is available for you to enjoy and discover the tropical rainforest. Access is via an “Indiana Jones” style hanging bridge over the Cangrejal River, located only 600 feet from La Villa de Soledad. The trails include the shorter La Roca Trail, which will take you about one hour to hike, or the longer El Mapache Trail, that will take you to the foot of the El Bejuco Waterfall, that falls over 400 feet down the mountain cliffs on its way to the Cangrejal River. The second trail will take you about 3 hours to hike round trip and does require some physical work. Although you can enjoy the hike on your own, we recommend that you do it with the company of a local guide, who will point out some highlights and help you identify the wildlife you may see along the way.

Guaruma Trail

Raw_015A small, grass roots NGO called Guaruma operates out of the community of Las Mangas, that is located about 2 ½ miles from La Villa de Soledad. They focus on environmental education through the use of photography, and also teach kids how to use computers and speak English. They have a nice, very friendly trail that is great for people of all ages that will give you an insight to the tropical jungle. The trail takes about 1 hour to hike, and provides the opportunity to jump into a crystal clear swimming hole in a creek running down from the Nombre de Dios mountains. This hike is ideal for young children or older adults. Guiding is done by the kids from the communities who have been trained to act as guides and do so very well.