Utila and La Ceiba Posted July 22, 2014


Utila and La Ceiba are your Perfect Combination for a Great Experience in Honduras!

It’s hard to think of two destinations that go together better that Utila and La Ceiba. To get to Utila, you must come through La Ceiba, and both destinations offer completely different, yet complementing experiences. However, most travelers going to Utila completely disregard La Ceiba and the diverse variety of travel options within it.  Most of this is due to the bad rap that mainland Honduras has in the international press. The travel warnings that US and some European countries like to issue about Honduras doesn’t help either!

The truth is that there is a lovely, truly unique, magnificently scenic area just outside La Ceiba. The Cangrejal River Valley has a series of tour options. These include hiking, rafting, kayaking, zip lining and simply relaxing and enjoying the usually crystal clear waters of the Cangrejal River, where you can swim or soak in its water holes. Best of all, there is a nice selection of hostels, inns and bed and breakfasts in the area. From the back packer’s hostel at Jungle River, the guest house at Omega Tours, the villas at Villas Pico Bonito to the Boutique Bed and Breakfast at La Villa de Soledad. There is something for every taste and budget.

So Much to Do and See at The Cangrejal River Valley!

Best of all, this area, just outside of La Ceiba, and only 10 km from downtown, is extremely safe. Tourists walk from one establishment to the other at ease and without any risks. During the day, they do so with their binoculars and cameras. The diverse birdlife in the area provides easy sights of keelbilled toucans, collared aracari’s, turquoise browed motmots. This excites both, the neophyte birdwatchers as well as the most serious ones! During the evening, they do so on their way to the nice bar at the Omega Jungle Lodge or back to their lodging. (There is a nice cluster of businesses that are located within a one mile stretch of road)

Whatever time you spend in Utila, you should be fully aware of the fact that La Ceiba is right on your path towards or from Utila. Finding a couple of days to visit the Cangrejal River Valley will provide a wonderful experience. It will actually be one of the highlights of your trip through Honduras. Make the best of your trip in Honduras! Do not miss out on the perfect match of Utila and La Ceiba!

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