Today’s modern traveler is more and more in tune with nature and sustainable tourism, and as such is prone to choose properties to stay in that are more in tune with sustainability. There are several different hotels around Honduras that have gone through the process of qualifying as eco friendly hotels. Unfortunately, mostly due to the crisis generated since the political turmoil in 2009, very few hotels have made a concerted effort in getting certified as sustainable due to slow tourist traffic. Only a couple of hotels have actually gotten an international badge (www.smartvoyagercertified.com) certifying them as green hotels. They are Casa del Arbol in San Pedro Sula and Guancascos in Gracias, Lempira.

This does not mean there are not others that qualify!  They have simply not applied or followed through to obtain such a  certificate. Another hotel that complies very well with Eco standards is the Minister Business Hotel in Tegucigalpa. In any case, independently of whether they have a certificate or not there are many different eco lodge accommodations in Honduras.

Visit Atlantida has made an effort to promote better practices and is awarding a quality seal. I am talking about the Atlantida Turistica Seal which several hotels in the area have obtained. Although not specifically for environment, it does include several environmental issues.

However, when we are talking of eco lodges and resorts, rather than sustainable hotels, these are normally in more forested or rural areas. With this in mind, the heart of eco lodge accommodations in Honduras is without doubt La Ceiba. The city is on the Caribbean coast of the country. This is where the first true eco lodge in Honduras, the Lodge at Pico Bonito (www.picobonito.com) opened its doors some 15 years ago. Even before them, Omega Tours Jungle Lodge and Jungle River Lodge, both in the Cangrejal River had been in business. They both provide service to international travelers that were looking for budget eco lodge accommodations in Honduras.

Today the largest concentration of eco lodge accommodations in Honduras  facilities can be found at the Cangrejal River in La Ceiba, which boasts almost 50 rooms, plus some dorm style facilities as well. For a complete list of hotels in the area, visit www.cangrejalriver.com where you will find contact information as well as a small description of each property.

La Villa de Soledad B&B strives hard to comply with standards of eco lodge accommodations in Honduras and is a great option. This is only one of many reasons to book at La Villa de Soledad! Feel free to ask about our practices that are environmentally friendly!

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