Central America has carved a name for itself in the adventure travel market as a great spot for white water rafting. Costa Rica has without doubt, the highest volume of rafting tours, with two main rivers, the Pacuare and the Reventazon Rivers being the most popular for rafting outfitters. However white water rafting in Central America goes way beyond the rivers of Costa Rica, and can be done so in each and every one of the Central American countries. So where is the best white water rafting in Central America?

Rafting in the Cangrejal River

Udo Whitteman, a German kayaker who explored the rivers of Central America almost a quarter of a century ago came to the region with a mission: To explore the rivers of this area, paddle them and find the best of the best for rafting and kayaking. After several months doing what he enjoys most,  Udo determined that the best river for white water rafting in Central America was located on the Caribbean coast in Honduras, just outside the city of La Ceiba. The river? The magnificent Cangrejal River!  Udo was so convinced that the Cangrejal River was so unique and special, that he cashed in his investments in Germany, moved to Honduras, purchased a property in the Cangrejal River Valley and started his own white water rafting company and jungle lodge, Omega Tours! (www.omegatours.info) This River is so unique that today there is a cluster of more than 12 travel businesses, including rafting outfitters, adventure tour operators, community based tourism operators and lodges that have followed Udos footsteps! While activities in the area include hiking and trekking into Pico Bonito and Nombre de Dios National Parks, outstanding bird watching, horseback riding, zipline canopy tours and more, there is no doubt that the main attraction the Cangrejal River has going for it is the rafting, surely the best white water rafting in Central America.

So why does this river offer the best white water rafting in Central America? There are actually several very good reasons: First of all is the matter of accessibility. It is rare to find a truly exceptional river that is easily accessible. Most of the time you require several hours to reach the put it to a truly spectacular white water river to practice kayaking or rafting, in the case of the Cangrejal River, you are only 30 minutes from your hotel room in town, or from an international airport of ferry facilities that are used regularly by both, locals and tourists to travel to the Bay Islands of Honduras. The quality of the water in the river is always a big issue. The water in the Cangrejal River is not only clean by international first world standards, it is also usually crystal clear, and you can clearly see your feet in a six foot deep natural pool! The geology of the River is spectacular, with huge, building size boulders on the river bed, creating beautiful and challenging drops and rapids. These huge boulders have another interesting effect. They act like natural water heaters. The sun rays heat the boulders, and these transfer the heat to the water, the result is that you are rafting in water with truly pleasant temperature! Can you imagine rafting in a river where you actually want to get wet instead of trying to avoid that icy cold water? Another important factor is the gradient. The river drops from 250 meters above sea level to sea level in a short 30 kilometer run. This insures fast running white water. Last, but not least, is the tropical vegetation that flanks the river. The Cangrejal River is the natural boundary between two National Parks: Nombre de Dios and Pico Bonito. Both are home to a dense tropical rain forest, and provide scenery that will make you feel you are in a remote location.

Because of the different lodges in the Cangrejal River Valley, you can actually spend the night next to the river, and enjoy the different sections of the river that can be run. The travel time from the lodges to the different put its is less that 35 minutes to the furthest put it, allowing you to spend your time doing what you like to do, raft or kayak in white water instead of traveling from your hotel to a remote put it. So now you know! The best white water rafting in Central America is to be found at the Cangrejal River Valley, which is actually the gateway to the Bay Islands of Honduras, the mecca for another adventure activity that you probably love: scuba diving!

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