Roatan, the largest and most developed of the Bay Islands of Honduras has become the most visited destination in Honduras. Not only is it an important and fastest growing cruise ship port of call in the Caribbean, it also has regularly scheduled nonstop flights serviced by Delta, American, United and Avianca from important gateways in North and Central America. Although most visited because of the extensive diving in the reefs that surround the island; the reefs in the Bay Islands are actually part of the Meso American Barrier Reef system, which is the second largest and most bio-diverse barrier reef in the World, there are certainly many, many different activities that can be enjoyed in Roatan. One of these is white water rafting in Roatan!

Granted, if you have visited the island before, or researched about it, you will argue that there are no rivers for rafting in Roatan, and of course, you are right, however on a clear day, if you are looking towards the south, which is where mainland Honduras is, you can see the Nombre de Dios Mountains. These massive mountains reach an altitude of over 8000 feet, and here you can find the mighty Cangrejal River, famous for its white water rafting! You might rightly argue that the river is in the mainland, and that you are on the island! This is not White water rafting in Roatan! Well of course you are right, but so am I! You can easily do a full day tour from Roatan to La Ceiba and enjoy this World Class white water rafting. If you take the morning ferry, which departs at 7:00 am from Roatan, you will be in La Ceiba before 9:00 am, and a short 30 minute If ride will have you in the Cangrejal River Valley before 9:30 am! If you have pre arranged your tour, the tour operator will be waiting for you to start your adventure promptly!. Omega Tours www.omegatours.info and La Moskitia Ecoaventuras www.lamoskitia.hn both offer half day tours that you will thoroughly enjoy and will easily be one of the highlights of your trip to Roatan.Adventure in the Cangrejal River Valley

So, now you know, independently of whether you are visiting Roatan for the diving or if its just that you are a beach lover, there is white water rafting in Roatan that you can enjoy!


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