Despite the fact that there are no active volcanos in Honduras, Hot Springs in Honduras

Probably the most famous hot springs in Honduras are those located in the small community of Arcilaca, very close to Gracias, the original Capital of Honduras and Central America located in the department of Lempira, in Western Honduras. These hot springs offer two different pools with springs sprouting right into them, and then flowing out to a larger pool where the water is usually cooler. These hot springs are very popular with the locals, and tend to fill up on weekends and full moon nights, when the local population likes to go to the hot springs. The temperature is delightful, and although the facilities are rustic, they are pleasant and usually clean.

Nearby, also close to Gracias, but on the road towards Santa Rosa de Copan you will find Termas del Rio, another source of natural hot springs in Honduras that offers much more complete facilities. Although they are not the necessarily “upscale” they offer large, clean restrooms and changing facilities, very clean, manicured gardens and a more private setting. These facilities are owned by the same family that owns and manages the Hotel La Posada de Don Juan, by far the best and most complete hotel in Gracias, so you can arrange a tour or get directions to the hot springs there. www.posadadedonjuanhotel.com

There is another area with hot springs in Honduras near the Archaeological site of Copan. The trip will take you through a mountain road through the village of Sesesmil and on to one of more famous coffee fincas in Honduras, Finca El Cisne www.fincaelcisne.com where you can spend the night and be very close to the hot springs. There is a nice spa operating in these hot springs, Spa Luna Jaguar, https://www.facebook.com/luna.j.spa  where you can enjoy a fantastic, relaxing process in the hot springs and their facilities.

The highest concentration of hot springs in Honduras is actually on the Caribbean Coast, especially around the City of La Ceiba. There are several facilities that offer different services to clients. Perhaps the nicest, most attractive of all hot springs are those located just above the community of Sambo Creek. Here a combination of tropical rain forest, rugged mountains with steep slopes, and some hot springs that mix with a cold water stream from the Nombre de Dios Mountains provide a unique experience, where you will enjoy natural hot water springs in the jungle with views out to the blue Caribbean and the enchanting Cayos Cochinos just off the coast of mainland Honduras.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sambo-Creek-Canopy-Tours-and-Spa/370059736352675 Here you can either simply relax and get a massage or combine with an exhilarating zip line canopy tour through the jungle. This facilty is located close to the Cangrejal River Valley, so you can easily arrange to visit it if you are staying in one of the hotels in the valley. For information of your options in the Cangrejal River Valley check out www.cangrejalrivervalley.com.

Nearby is a wellness center, known as USHA, run by a famous Dr. Sebi, who uses another source of  hot springs in Honduras, located within his property, as well as a unique blend of vegetables and plants to cure his clients from different maladies.

Last, but no least, The old colonial city of Trujillo, located on the Caribbean Coast, is another spot where you will hot springs in Honduras. Now that the cruise ships will begin using the Banana Coast cruise ship facilities inTrujillo, these will surely be updated and fully functional. They are located in a property located in the community of Silin, about 10 miles outside of Trujillo, on the main road towards La Ceiba.

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