Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could combine two vacation destinations in one? Let’s say a lovely beach destination, with white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters with, let’s say the tropical jungles of Central America? These are two different, very distinct destinations, but they can actually be found in one place: Honduras! Yes the heart of Central America’s Caribbean is located in the lovely, truly unique country called Honduras, which is located in the Heart of Central America and has over 600 kilometers of shores bathed by the Lovely Caribbean Sea!

Flowing towards the Caribbean, creeks and rivers like this one are common in the heart of Central America's Caribbean

The Gateway to Central America’s Caribbean is the port city of La Ceiba. Blessed with 4 national Parks, including one, the Cayos Cochinos Marine Reserve which is actually a small archipelago in the Caribbean! (https://www.facebook.com/cayoscochinos.fundacion), La Ceiba is a magnificent platform to make the perfect combination of beach and reef plus tropical jungle vacation. Perhaps the best spot on the mainland Honduras, near La Ceiba to experience the true Central American tropical rainforest experience would be the Cangrejal River Valley. This area, with two National Parks, one on each side of the river, and only 10 miles from the sea, is truly the heart of Central America’s Caribbean. Here you can choose between hiking in the tropical rain forests of Pico Bonito or Nombre de Dios National Parks, raft in the crystal clear waters of the Cangrejal River, take a bird watching tour around the parks or simply relax in a hammock. You also take a one day tour to Cayos Cochinos, as well as take the local ferry to the beautiful Bay Islands of Honduras, the best kept secret in the Western Caribbean. There is regular daily ferry service between La Ceiba and Roatan (www.roatanferry.com) as well as between La Ceiba and Utila (www.utilaprincess.com).


For these and many more reasons, I can clearly state that the heart of Central America’s Caribbean is located in the City of La Ceiba, which is the lovely country of Honduras.

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