There are several different options for Lodging in Nombre de Dios National Park. Nombre de Dios National Park is one of the newest national parks in Honduras. It is located on the North Coast of Honduras, and roughly is contained within the Cangrejal River on the West and the Papaloteca River on the East, with the Caribbean Sea being the northern boundary and south side of the Nombre de Dios Mountains being the southern boundary.

Lodging in Nombre de Dios National Park

The main options to find lodging in Nombre de Dios National Park is the Cangrejal River Valley, where you will find over ten different lodging options. A complete list of hotels can be found at www.cangrejalriver.com. The Cangrejal River Valley offers access to both trails in Nombre de Dios National Park as well as to trails into Pico Bonito National Park. In addition, there are outstanding options for adventure activities, such as white water rafting and zip line canopy tours.  Community tourism activities are also available here, and you can enjoy interacting with members of the communities of Las Mangas and El Pital. A local tour operator that is owned and managed by young members or the community offers a great opportunity for community tourism. The company’s name is Cangrejal Tours, and you can get more information about their services in www.cangrejaltours.com. An interesting thing to mention is the fact that the options for lodging in Nombre de Dios National Park are rated as the top options by tripadvisor, and you will find that the top three options for bed and breakfasts in La Ceiba, as well as the top two specialty lodging are all in the Cangrejal River Valley! La Villa de Soledad was awarded both, the 2014 Travelers Choice award as well as the 2014 Certificate of Excellence.

The other area that offers lodging in Nombre de Dios National Park is the coastal area that includes the communities of Corozal, Sambo Creek and Nueva Armenia. The largest cluster of options in the area is around Sambo Creek. Here you can choose between Bed and Breakfasts, cabins, and large beachside resorts. The area also offers many tour options, such as a day tour to the Hog Cays, also known as Cayos Cochinos, a tour of the mangrove canals in the Cacao Lagoon and some magnificent hot springs very near the community of Sambo Creek.  The possibility of interacting with the Garifuna Communities is also an option.

The good news is that you can stay in one area and still visit the attractions in the other. Many guests that stay at La Villa de Soledad visit both, Cayos Cochinos as well as the Sambo Creek Hot Springs and Canopy Tour, as well as the activities available around the Cangrejal River Valley. Whatever your decision, you are now more knowledgeable about your options for lodging in Nombre de Dios National Park.

The quality of your options for lodging in Nombre de Dios National Parks is quite wide, and there are many different activities that you can enjoy in the park, so I recommend that you plan on spending several days in the area!


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