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Although it’s true that many business persons prefer to stay in the large, international franchise hotels, more and more world travelers are looking for smaller, family run hotels for a more authentic experience. The difference between both options is vast, and while the international franchises offer a comfort zone for travelers that require a “good address” that will give them certain prestige during their business trips, many travelers are looking for a more down to earth experience, to understand the locals way of life, values and local foods.

There is no doubt that family run hotels are more on demand than they ever were before, and you can bet on the fact that the trend will continue to grow. One great advantage today is the fact that as a traveler, you can actually review the experience that other travelers have had at a particular hotel. A hotel owner or manager will surely rave about his property, but there is no doubt that he will have a biased opinion, he is, after all, promoting himself trying to get your business. This is why tools like Google plus pages for business will have a sustained growth; it gives both the owner and guests who are staying at a hotel a chance to express their views and share their experiences. For example, is a business page where you can see what guests have reviewed and compare it with what the owners say about their business!

Tripadvisor also offers a unique opportunity to read what the owners say about their business and compare this with the experience that the guests have had at their facilities share with you.

Both offer great tools that have changed the way travelers decide where they will stay in their next vacations. They have also supported the growth of the family run hotels that arrived as a trend and will surely remain for years to come.

In La Ceiba, most hotels are actually family businesses, and at the current time, we do not have big international franchise hotels to offer, however not all of these family run hotels actually have the loving touch of the family that owns them.

The family run hotels in La Ceiba that are truly run, with a hands on always present attention from the family that owns and runs them are not very common, and you can generally find them by reading through the comments that guests leave in the reviews where they share about their experience.

We pride ourselves on being a family run hotel

We, at La Villa de Soledad B&B, put pride into being one of the family run hotels in La Ceiba, and you will be hard pressed to find another option in La Ceiba that offers the tender loving care that we offer to our guests.  We love having guests stay with us, and share our home, time and friendship with them. If you are looking for a family run hotel in La Ceiba, come to La Villa de Soledad and relax in nature with us! Hope to see you soon!

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