Location, location location… Studies show that most travelers choose the hotel they will stay in taking the location of the inn as the most determining factor for their choice. This has to be one of the biggest overlooked truths when building resorts. So which is the best hotel location in La Ceiba?

Twenty something years ago, I started a little business called Honduras tips, it was about a small bilingual travel guide that looked at helping promote the many tourism assets that Honduras has. Although Honduras does have many truly unique and beautiful sites, I have always believed that the most outstanding asset that Honduras has to offer is the friendliness of its people. Hondurans are friendly, humble hosts, that will look to make their guests feel like distinguished visitors and go out of their way to be useful and helpful. This is the first big lesson that I learned while traveling around the country, off the beaten path, in search for those unique places with cozy, welcoming hotels and inns located in truly unique locations.

After many years of traveling, I would still be hard pressed to point out the best hotel locations in Honduras, because there are many outstanding locations. I did however, know, as soon as I visited the Cangrejal River Valley, that this is the best hotel location in La Ceiba.

The best hotel location in La Ceiba, right on the Cangrejal River.

After several visits, I was able to find a lovely property that sits on a small hilltop overlooking the Cangrejal River, with a direct view to Pico Bonito National Park and best of all in a location that despite the felling of remoteness, is only 5 miles from downtown La Ceiba.  Once we had secured the property, we set out to look for an architect that we felt comfortable with to create a truly unique boutique bed and breakfast. We found Mauricio Castaneda, a friendly Honduran architect that has worked in travel related projects in Copan, Roatan and even the Moskito Coast.  For more information about Mauricio Castañeda visit: http://macastaneda.com/ .  The result was a magnificent building with a lot of charm and character. Best of all is the magnificent location; we can truly boast that we have the best hotel location in La Ceiba.

Come to the Cangrejal River Valley and discover why more and more guests are raving about our beautiful boutique bed and breakfast in La Ceiba! There is no doubt that having the best hotel location in La Ceiba has something to do with it!

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