Being located on the Caribbean Coast of Honduras, La Ceiba is home to some of the most humid tropical rain forests in Central America. As the name properly states it, the tropical rain forests of Central America get a lot of rain. However, there is a distinct rainy season in La Ceiba when we get more rain that the average.

The rainy season in La Ceiba is comprehended between the months of September and January, however  the rain starts before and ends after. The driest months of the year are March and April, and although this is officially a dry season, it is very common to get some rains and squalls during these months. This rainy season in La Ceiba contrasts with the rainy season in the rest of Honduras and Central America, which is May through September. The reason for this is that while the rest of Central America’s weather is affected mostly by what is going on in the Pacific Coast, La Ceiba, as well as much of the Caribbean coast of Honduras and Nicaragua are affected almost exclusively by what is going on the Caribbean.

The start of the rainy season in La Ceiba coincides with the weather patterns that form tropical cyclones in the Western Caribbean Sea. This usually happens in the last 45 days of the Atlantic Tropical Cyclone season, corresponding to the month of October and the first half of November.  The other weather pattern that affects the rainy season in La Ceiba are the cold fronts that come from North America. These typically begin at the beginning of November and continue through the month of February. These fronts with cold air will come across the Gulf of Mexico, into the Gulf of Honduras and collide with the hot humid atmosphere of the mountains in Northern Honduras, turning into potent rain producing meteorological events.

The Cangrejal River of La Ceiba after a strong cold front, typical of the rainy season in La Ceiba

Although the risk of being impacted by a hurricane along the north coast of Honduras is relatively small, the probability of rain from the cold fronts is much more elevated. These events have little impact in lowering the temperature along the Caribbean Coast, but produce copious amounts of rain. Thus the rainy season in La Ceiba is comprehended between September and February, with October and November being the rainiest months.

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