If you are into white water rafting, then you must plan on spending a couple of nights at the Cangrejal River Valley. White water rafting in La Ceiba is not only popular; it is probably going to be one of the highlights of your trip to Honduras and Central America!

Adventure in the Cangrejal River Valley

Best of all is the fact that La Ceiba is on mainland Honduras, just where you must take the ferry to the Caribbean islands of Roatan and Utila, part of the Bay Islands of Honduras. White water rafting in La Ceiba can be easily arranged. There are several different outfitters that provide this service. Omega Tours www.omegatours.info and La Moskitia Ecoaventuras  www.lamoskitiahn.com are the most reputable ones  in my humble opinion.

White water rafting in La Ceiba is an activity that is available year round, with different segments of the river being run depending on the amount of water in the Cangrejal River. The river flows down a steep slope, creating drops, and class III and IV rapids as is rushes towards the Caribbean Sea, located just a few miles downriver. The lush river banks are actually part of two different national parks, Pico Bonito National Park on the western bank of the river and Nombre de Dios on the Eastern bank.

One of the best things about white water rafting in La Ceiba is the fact that it is so close and so accessible to enjoy. The outfitters are located within 12 Kms. from the ferry terminal, which is less than 8 miles! This means it is only a short trip from the ferry terminal, airport or bus terminals to get up to the Cangrejal River Valley. Even better is the fact that there are several different places where you can stay within the Cangrejal River Valley, giving you the opportunity of experiencing both, some of the best white water rafting in La Ceiba, as well as the tropical rain forests of Central America. For a complete list of lodging options in the Cangrejal River area, visit www.cangrejalriver.com

White water rafting in La Ceiba can easily become one of the highlights of your vacations in Central America. Allowing yourself to stay at one of the cozy bed and breakfasts in the Cangrejal River area, such as La Villa de Soledad will surely provide memories that you will cherish for a long, long time! Do yourself a favor, and enjoy the magnificent white water rafting in La Ceiba!