There are two options for zip line canopy tours in La Ceiba. For those of you who do not know what a zip line canopy tour is, they are a set of steel cables set up from treetop to treetop that allow you to “fly” from tree to tree. Originally conceived as an observation tool to study life in the canopy of tropical rain forests in the tropics, zip line tours became popular after the 1992 movie Medicine Man, where Actor Sean Connery acted as a scientist in a remote location in the Amazon jungles that was looking for a cure for cancer. Sean Connery, the “Medicine Man” travels from tree top to tree top analyzing the unique organisms that live in the forest canopies.

zip line canopy tours in La Ceiba

Zip lines of course are also used by firefighters, to be able to access, or escape from skyscrapers that are too high to use a ladder to use their fire extinguishing tools and expertise.

Costa Rica is one of the pioneers in developing a tourism product to include zip lines, and although the original idea was to be able to see the canopy and life on the treetops, the reality is that they have had great success as an adventure and adrenalin producing activity.

The two options for zip line canopy tours in La Ceiba are both actually quite unique. The first option for canopy tours in La Ceiba is just outside the community of Sambo Creek. Here, in the forested mountains of Pico Bonito National Park is a true gem and a must if you are interested in zip line canopy tours in La Ceiba. Views of the Caribbean Sea include lovely sights of Cayos Cochinos Marine Monument, as well as some thermal hot springs that mix naturally with a cold water creek and flow down the mountains creating small waterfalls and pools that are perfect to relax and enjoy the surroundings.  High above, in the treetops of the jungle, you can occasionally get a glimpse of an adventurer as he flies from tree to tree in the zip line canopy tours in La Ceiba!

Located only 8 km outside of La Ceiba, the Jungle River facilities are easily accessible from downtown and from most of the small hotels in the Cangrejal River Valley. It is only 800 meters (1/2  a mile) from La Villa de Soledad B&B, making it truly easy to enjoy zip line canopy tours in La Ceiba from the comfort of our boutique bed and breakfast and jungle eco lodge. For more information on hotels in the Cangrejal River Valley, visit:  www.cangrejalriver.com

This zip line canopy tours in La Ceiba takes you across the Cangrejal River for a small hike up the forest to the starting point up in the mountain. From here, you will enjoy this zip line canopy tours in La Ceiba as you fly from treetop to treetop, with a last cable bringing you back over the Cangrejal River to the Jungle River tours facilities.

If you like adventure and would like to experience the tropical jungles of Pico Bonito and Nombre de Dios National Parks, the zip line canopy tours in La Ceiba are just for you!