Are you planning your Central America Vacations?

Here are some good tips to plan the best possible Central America Vacations: First of all, decide what countries you want to visit. Keep in mind that although geographically Central America is made up by 7 countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Belize and Panama, there are two which are very different and have never really been part of Central America from a political point of view. Belize was a British Colony, and never shared any history with the rest of Central America. Although it has the advantage of English being the official language, it is a World apart from the traditional charm of Central America. Panama, was actually part of Colombia until its independence, so politically it was light years away from the rest of Central America, which was part of the viceroyalty of New Spain, whose headquarters were in Mexico City. 100 years of Panama under the tight influence of the USA because of the Panama Canal has made it a different country from the real Central America.

Considering the above, there are really only 5 Central American countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Your Central America vacations can be very different, depending on where you decide to go. Costa Rica for one is the by far the most popular destination in Central America. This also means that you will find yourself in a tourist trap with thousands of over tourists trying to visit the exact same places and attractions as you are. If you like crowded vacation destinations, tourist traps and long lines, then Costa Rica is your destination! However if you are looking for some authentic Central America vacations, I urge you to look beyond Costa Rica: Guatemala has the advantage of its Maya heritage, and if you go beyond the bustle of its busy capital city, you will surely find many charming colonial towns and villages full with that special Maya heritage. El Salvador is relatively small and quite developed, and although it is the best connected country if you are looking for airlift, it is also the one with least natural attractions to offer.

That leaves only two countries: Nicaragua and Honduras. Both are great destinations, with a lot to offer both historically and naturally. Nicaragua is a land of lakes and volcanoes, with lovely colonial cities and friendly people. It is mostly developed along the Pacific coast and has become a very popular destination for surfing. If surfing, volcanoes and colonial cities are your cup of tea, then Nicaragua is probably your best option for some memorable Central America vacations that are tailored to your preference. For complete information on Nicaragua, visit Nicatips.

Central America Vacations

Last, but not least is Honduras. In my opinion, the country offers the best authentic Central America vacations! From the magnificent Mayan Ruins at Copan, to the world famous Bay Islands of Honduras, the country offers magnificent national parks, the best beaches in Central America and friendly people. Sadly, Honduras has been tagged as the murder capital of the World, an unfair tag that does not reflect the reality for most of the country and its friendly, charming people. Honduras is actually one of the safest tourist destinations in Central America for tourists. The average Honduran is friendly, helpful and will go out of his way to help tourists who might need help. Honduras also has 4 international airports that allow easy access to the different regions of the country. Perhaps the most outstanding destination in the country is Atlantida, with is a small department (equivalent to a state or province) that is located on the Caribbean Coast of Honduras. Atlantida has a total of 8 protected areas within or adjacent to its territory, offering some of the best tropical rain forests in all of Central America. Wildlife refuges with mangrove canals and lagoons, as well as some of the most pristine reefs in the Caribbean can be found within Atlantida. Best of all, is the Garifuna culture, designated as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO can be easily found within the area. If you are looking for some outstanding Central America vacations, look no further, visit Atlantida in Honduras, here you will not be overrun by tourists, and you will fine authentic eco lodges and fantastic beaches, as well as some of the best reefs in the world just a short distance away in the Bay Islands. For complete information on Atlantida and Honduras visit Honduras.travel and Honduras.com.

Central America Vacations

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