La Ceiba Honduras Tours Posted January 11, 2015


La Ceiba Honduras Tours: The best eco tourism option in Central America!

One of the best option to experience the best of Central America if through some La Ceiba Honduras tours. La Ceiba, Honduras is located on the Caribbean coast of Honduras, and is the gateway to the famous Bay Islands of Honduras. However, La Ceiba is much more than the gateway to the Bay Islands; it is the eco tourism capital of Central America!

There are many different La Ceiba Honduras Tours. Options range from some of the most adventuresome activities you can find in Central America, and include white water rafting, rappelling down waterfalls and diving. In addition, other options for la Ceiba Honduras tours include hiking in the tropical rainforests, sea-kayaking through mangrove canals, birding, and horse back riding to mention a few. Best of all, in most cases, there are different outfitters and tour operators that provide competitive services, allowing you to choose the best option for you.

For instance, if you are looking for white water rafting, there are three different outfitters that can provide services for you. La Moskitia Ecoaventuras, Omega Tours and Jungle River. All three of them have guides that are in the process of being certified and include rafting in the magnificent Cangrejal River, one of the most exciting white water rivers in Central America.

La Ceiba Honduras Tours

The rappelling down waterfalls option only has one outfitter that operates but they are top quality and attention to safety is at its highest with this operator. Another option is a zip line canopy tour that is available within the area, allowing you to fly between tree tops and get a bird’s eye view of the forest, the Cangrejal River Valley and the Cangrejal River from your vantage point.

Hiking into both Pico Bonito National Park and Nombre de Dios National Park is easily done from La Ceiba. Actually, all of the above activities can be easily done from the Cangrejal River Valley, a relatively small area located just outside La Ceiba that offers unique La Ceiba Honduras tours to those staying within the Cangrejal River area. Best of all, different eco jungle lodges are available within the area, including the unique La Villa de Soledad, a Spanish Colonial style boutique hotel that offers easy, within walking distance access to all of the above activities!

La Ceiba Honduras Tours

Pico Bonito offers many different trails and magnificent waterfalls, which will make you think twice about which are the best options amongst all of the different La Ceiba Honduras tours available.

Fortunately, if you stay at one of the eco lodges in the area, such as La Villa de Soledad, you will have the opportunity to get free, first hand recommendations about which are the best La Ceiba Honduras tours for you.

La Ceiba Honduras Tours

Other nearby options for La Ceiba Honduras tours include the Hog Islands, known locally as Cayos Cochinos, a gem in the Caribbean that offers magnificent reefs to snorkel or dive in, as well as a chance to interact with the Garifuna culture at the unique village in Chachahuate.  The Garifuna are an ethnic group which resulted from the mix of African slaves and native Caribbean Indians.

Access to the Hog Keys can be made easily from Sambo Creek using the services of a tour operator specializing in the Cayos Cochinos Tours. Another great option for La Ceiba Honduras tours in the Sambo Creek area is the hot springs and zip line canopy tour at Sambo Creek. The hot springs are located within the rain forests of Nombre de Dios National Park and offer spectacular views of the Caribbean. Relax in the natural hot water pools and enjoy the jungle, and if you wish, you can even get a massage and mud bath included in the tour price, which is actually quite reasonable.

If you like the idea of paddling through mangrove canals, sneaking up on sleepy alligators or seeing some of the truly noisy howler monkeys that are native to the rain forests of Honduras, then the perfect La Ceiba Honduras tours for you are a visit to either the Cacao Lagoon in the Nombre de National Park or to the Cuero y Salado wildlife refuge, located just a few miles west of La Ceiba. Both offer unique birding opportunities, as well as an insight to the life in the mangroves and estuaries on the Caribbean coast of Central America.

La Ceiba Honduras Tours

As you can see, there are many different options for La Ceiba Honduras tours that you can choose from. Make sure that you plan to spend enough days in the area to take full advantage of these opportunities, and best of all, stay at a Hotel that will give you easy access to most the activities available. Without doubt, your best bet is the Cangrejal River Valley and the cozy boutique bed and breakfast at La Villa de Soledad!