Are you looking for the perfect La Ceiba resorts for your vacations?

If you are on the lookout for La Ceiba Resorts, there are a few things that you should know as you start to look for the resort that is best for you.  First of all is the fact that some businesses in Honduras consider the word resort to be a synonym of Hotel. Because of this you can find the name resort attached to a hotel name without it really being a resort.

In my book, a resort is a relatively large hotel, usually on the beach, that offers a variety of activities meant to provide all of your needs within premises, without you having to leave the property to obtain different services. Thus, you can have a ski resort, you can have a dive resort, and a beach resort. You certainly don’t have downtown resorts…

If we go by the book, the only true La Ceiba Resorts is the Palma Real Beach Resort, which offers an all inclusive service with entertainment for its guests. A resort as such, of course, has the drawback that it is designed to keep you within premises, and makes it hard for you to explore the lovely natural surroundings of La Ceiba and its many national parks.

Since Nature is what most abounds in the La Ceiba environs, then you would probably be looking for a Nature Resort if you have decided on Atlantida and La Ceiba as your vacation destination. This of course does not make any sense! Anyone trying to enjoy a vacation in nature does not want or need a large facility to keep it away from nature or to bring hundreds or thousands of travelers to enjoy nature. The idea of arranging nature vacations is to be close to nature and far from civilization, although having access to the customary comforts of civilization is somehow always a necessity!

La Ceiba Resorts

All the above having been said, if you are looking for a pleasant option for La Ceiba resorts or eco lodge for your nature or adventure vacations around La Ceiba, I recommend that you look at the Cangrejal River Valley, which is very close to La Ceiba. Located only 6 miles from La Ceiba, you will find that you are in a remote location that is close to the city. You will also find great high speed wifi at the different lodges located within the area, plus a multitude of activities to enjoy, including simply relaxing in nature. As a matter of fact, at La Villa de Soledad, this is precisely our slogan: “Relax in Nature”

La Ceiba Resorts

Comfortable rooms, easy access to trails, adventure activities such as white water rafting, zip lining and rappelling are easily accessible from the comfort of our rooms. Bird watching can actually be done from your hammock, and proximity to the city means that you can visit other areas nearby, such as the Cuero y Salado wildlife refuge and the Cayos Cochinos Natural Marine Monument amongst others. If you are looking for the best eco lodge in La Ceiba based on price, location and service, look no more! La Villa de Soledad is the spot you are looking for!