Searching for La Ceiba Honduras Hotels?

La Ceiba Honduras offers a variety of different hotels to choose from. One of the outstanding characteristics of La Ceiba Honduras Hotels is that they are all family owned properties. Yes, believe it or not, there are no international hotel chains operating within La Ceiba, except, for the Lodge at Pico Bonito, a lovely eco property that is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

La Ceiba Honduras Hotels

Yes even the larger hotels, such as the Quinta Real, Palma Real, Hotel La Quinta and others are locally owned and family managed! The above means that service is normally under the direct supervision of the owners, who are always on top of their business and seeking to provide the best attention to detail to please their customers.

Of course, as with everything else, there is nothing like feeling at home when you travel, and this is a feeling that you can only achieve in a small property. This is why small hotels, such as bed and breakfasts and inns have become more and more popular. You will find that there are actually several small hotels and inns within La Ceiba and surrounding areas where you can truly feel at home.

Since visiting La Ceiba is usually about the lush nature that surrounds it due to the National Parks, a good option is to seek for a small inn that is located within or close one of the National Parks.

La Ceiba Honduras Hotels

One of the leading options for La Ceiba Honduras hotels that is located within the national parks is La Villa de Soledad. This boutique bed and breakfast has been awarded for two years in a row with the Tripadvisor Travelers choice award, (2014 & 2015) and is located in the Cangrejal River Valley, just outside La Ceiba. The Valley is shared by both Pico Bonito and Nombre de Dios National Parks.

If you prefer a city stay, there are several nice boutique La Ceiba Honduras hotels in downtown La Ceiba. I would suggest you check out Casa Luisa or La Casa de Nery.  If you prefer something on the beach, check out Sambo Creek, there are several La Ceiba Honduras hotels there to choose from.

La Ceiba Honduras hotels

But if you are looking for nature, peace and quiet, and place to relax in nature, the best option for La Ceiba Honduras hotels is La Villa de Soledad. You will feel at home, pampered and seduced by the sounds of nature, the hospitality of Soledad and John and the variety of options to enjoy yourself with different activities!