Do you have an itch to explore the dense Central America tropical jungles?

Central America and tropical jungles have been together for as long as we can recall. One of the first adventurers into the Central America tropical jungles was John Lloyd Stephens, that famous explorer who visited Central America in the first half of the XIX century in search of the lost cities of the Mayas. His travels were immortalized in the magnificent book titled Incidents of Travel in Central America. Stephens, together with his travel partner Frederick Catherwood both described magnificent sites lost deep in the Central America tropical jungles. Since then, foreign adventurers have visited the expansive Central American tropical jungles in search of an adventure of a lifetime.

Central America today does not have the huge expanses of tropical jungles it did over a century and half ago, so despite the fact that travel is much easier, affordable and faster, you must go a bit further to find the best Central America tropical jungles.

Central America tropical jungles

So where are the best preserved Central America tropical jungles? The Caribbean coast of Central America is far more humid and rainy that the Pacific coast. Because of this, if you are looking for authentic tropical rainforests with dense jungles, you must seek for them on the Caribbean coast of Central America.

The largest expanses of Central America tropical jungles can be found in Honduras and Nicaragua. In Honduras, the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve, and in Nicaragua, the Rio Indio Biosphere Reserve are the two largest, best preserved expanses of Central America tropical jungles to be found. One of the reasons that these two areas are so well preserved is their relative isolation. Getting to them is hard, there are no roads, and you will find that accommodations in the area range from extremely basic to nonexistent. This means you must carry all of your required needs with you: tent, food, water, etc. There are a few tour operators that specialize in trips to these remote Central America tropical jungles, and perhaps the most experienced of all is La Moskitia Eco-Aventuras.

A much more accessible option can be found in Atlantida.  Atlantida is the new upcoming destination in Honduras, and offers easy access to some of the most magnificent Central America tropical jungles! Pico Bonito National Park is a rugged, mountainous park that is located just 10 miles from the Caribbean coast. This means that you can have spectacular views of the coast from the mountains, which reach up to an altitude of over 8,000 feet above sea level!  Here you can find the unique Cangrejal River Valley, which provides for a natural border between Pico Bonito National Park and Nombre de Dios National Park. The Cangrejal River valley offers many different adventure activities, including World class white water rafting, waterfall descents and canyoning, zip line canopy tours and outstanding hiking. Best of all, you will find a variety of  options where you can stay and enjoy the rainforests of Pico Bonito and Nombre de Dios, some of the best Central America tropical jungles to be found.

Central America tropical jungles

One of these lodges is La Villa de Soledad a lovely boutique bed and breakfast that offers world class comfort that naturally blends into the tropical rainforests. There is no doubt that Atlantida offers the best option to enjoy Central America tropical rainforests, and that La Villa de Soledad is the perfect place to relax in nature and make the best of these fabulous Central America tropical rainforests!