Planning on visiting and wondering what the do’s and don’ts when visiting La Ceiba you should be aware of?

Do plan to stay for several days and explore the surroundings. For locals, La Ceiba is a great party destination, but international tourists are most impressed with the variety of National Parks.

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Do hire a local guide when visiting one of the national parks. Their fee is minimal, and even though their English might not be the best, they will help you spot interesting things along the trail, such as snakes and insects, or identify birds, such as the keel billed toucans that abound in the jungles of Pico Bonito and Nombre de Dios National Parks. In addition, by hiring a local guide, you are helping a local family to make a living by protecting the forest, rather than forcing him to cut it down to plant crops such as beans and corn for subsistence.

Do negotiate with your taxi before you get in. Although the local fair within town is 25 lempiras per person, it is always a good idea to set the fare before the trip begins. Keep in mind that taxis in La Ceiba are “colectivos” in other words, they may pick other people up. If you want a private service, you will have to pay him for the four seats available in the car. If this is the case, let him know that you want “servicio privado”. Even better, ask your hotel for a taxi they recommend and use him to get you around town and take you to the different places you wish to visit.

Do visit the Cangrejal River Valley. This is the perfect spot for adventure and nature activities. Even if it’s only to enjoy the natural swimming holes, you should make it a point of visiting this area that is only 6 miles out of town. If interested in nature and adventure, skip the downtown hotels and stay at one of the lodges in the Cangrejal River, you will be glad you did so!  There are a total of 10 lodges in the Cangrejal River Valley, and there is surely one that will be a perfect match for you!

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Do visit the hot springs at Sambo Creek. These are absolutely spectacular, and you will be glad you did visit them. You can combine your visit there with either a tour to the Cacao Lagoon, to Cayos Cochinos, or to the local canopy tour in Sambo Creek.

Why stay in La Ceiba?

Do make use of your common sense! It is surprising how doing this will keep you out of harm’s way!

Don’t make the mistake of passing through La Ceiba on your way to the Bay Islands of Roatan and Utila and miss spending a couple of nights in the area. Although it is true you will never know what you have missed, it would be a real shame to be so close and completely miss it!

Don’t listen to the Bay Islanders when they say that La Ceiba is dangerous and you will be mugged. This is far from true, and it is just a gig by the islanders to keep you on the island spending your money there. Hey, the islands are great, but there are truly unique areas on the mainland that will blow your socks off! The Cangrejal River Valley is one of them!