Looking for the best small nature hotels in Honduras?

Honduras is one of the great nature destinations in Latin America. The fact that is located right in the heart of Central America, that narrow isthmus of land that connects both major American continents, and right on the Caribbean coast provides for a rich biodiversity and lush tropical vegetation.

Considering the above, it is no surprise that the Caribbean Coast offers the perfect setting for some of the best small nature hotels in Honduras. An area where you will find a variety of protected areas and national parks as well as some of the most beautiful and pristine jungle mountains in the Americas, including the famous Pico Bonito National Park. It is here, in this area known as Atlantida, where you can find the best small nature hotels in Honduras! Best of all, they are all easy to get to via the port city of La Ceiba, which is the gateway to the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Without doubt, the most famous of these small nature hotels is the Lodge at Pico Bonito, located just west of La Ceiba. The Lodge, a member of the small luxury hotels of the World, is truly a unique property where you will enjoy great bird watching, outstanding food, and great service. However, there are many other properties that easily qualify as some of the best small nature hotels in Honduras nearby.Best Hotel in La Ceiba

Take for example, the Cangrejal River Valley. In a small area you will find different alternatives that include community owned lodges, charming and award winning boutique hotels and lodges and even a set of villas within a beautifully manicured tropical setting.

accommodation in La Ceiba

La Villa de Soledad B&B is one of the award winning properties in this area, and certainly qualifies as one of the best small nature hotels in Honduras. With a total of 5 unique, and distinctly appointed rooms, each with its own original artwork, private bathroom, terrace porch with hammock and direct access to the great outdoors of Nombre de Dios National Park, it is the perfect spot to relax in nature and enjoy the many diverse activities available at your doorstep.