Official list of Holidays in Honduras 2016

As every year, we set out to help you plan in advance for your yearly Holidays in Honduras 2016. Although many Honduras holidays are on fixed dates, the most important holidays, such as the Easter Vacations and the October holidays change slightly every year. The dates for Holidays in Honduras 2016 is the following:

January 1st  New Years Day

Easter Week. March 23-26

April 14: Day of the Americas

May 1: Labor Day

September 15th Indepedence Day

October 3. Francisco Morazán’s Birthday. Observed on Wednesday October 5.

October 12. Columbus Day. To be celebrated on Thursday October 6.

October 21. Armed forces Day. Observed on Friday October 7.

December 25th Christmas Day

In addition, the 24th and 31st of December are only to be worked half a day, that is till noon. The afternoon turns into a holiday to allow people to get home and celebrate Christmas and New Years with their families.

Keep in mind, when traveling around and enjoying your Holidays in Honduras 2016 that reservations are an absolute must during Easter Week or “Semana Santa”. This week is the busiest travel week in the country, and hotels, buses and restaurants at the different tourist destinations are very busy. Also remember that both, local airlines and bus companies stop their services on Good Friday, as well as on Christmas Day and New Years Day. This means that you should plan on not being able to use public transportation on those dates. The same applies for the ferry service between La Ceiba and the Bay Islands of Utila.

Finally, it might be useful to note that different cities have their own local holidays, usually the day of their Patron Saint. As such, for example, La Ceiba has on Holiday on the 15th of May, because that is the day the Catholic Church dedicates to Saint Isidore. San Pedro Sula has a holiday on 29th of June to celebrate de day of Saint Peter. Finally Tegucigalpa has a holiday on 29th of September in honor of Saint Michael Archangel.

Happy Holidays in Honduras 2016!