The Best Rated Hotel in La Ceiba:

Hotel rating systems can be deceiving. In Honduras, the last time that an official hotel rating process took place was during the government of President Ricardo Maduro. This was about 12 years ago! During that time, many new hotels have opened their doors. In addition, it is possible that some of the top rated hotels have been seriously lacking in maintenance. This mostly due to the drop of tourists visiting Honduras after the wrongly called coup that ousted then President Zelaya.

Considering the above, the effort is completely useless at this time. A lot has happened in these short 12 years. Social media, travel communities such as tripadvisor, and OTA’s such as Booking.com have changed the rules. Today an established system with reviews is more trusted than official government certifications. Today’s travel industry encourages the traveler to rate hotels and tourism services and share his experience with the community. These new tools are now the best way to determine which is the top rated hotel in La Ceiba.

Based on Tripadvisor and Booking.com Reviews, La Villa de Soledad is the Best Hotel in La Ceiba.

Based on Tripadvisor, the best rated hotel in La Ceiba in the Bed and Breakfast category for 2016 is La Villa de Soledad B&B. With over 100 reviews, La Villa de Soledad has an astonishing 104 rated as excellent and 2 as very good.

Best rated Bed and Breakfast in Honduras

Another good source for rating of properties are the online travel agencies, such as booking.com. They have the added benefit of being able to insure that all comments are legit! They achieve this by allowing only those clients who purchase a room through them to make comments and rate a property. The best rated hotel in La Ceiba on booking.com is La Villa de Soledad once again, with an impressive rating of 9.9. So if you are looking for the best rated hotel in La Ceiba, you should certainly consider staying with us at La Villa de Soledad B&B. We are a family run bed and breakfast in a lovely eco friendly setting on the Cangrejal River. We are just a few minutes from downtown La Ceiba. Best of all, we are within walking distance of a variety of different and nature and adventure activities that will knock your socks off!

Best Rated Hotel in La Ceiba

Book now and insure you have a room reserved for your vacation at the best rated hotel in La Ceiba!