Questions About Pico Bonito National Park?

This weekend I had a chance to travel to Utila for a couple of days. It was a work trip, but nonetheless, there is always time to kick back and relax. After the cold front that passed through the area the week before, the sky was clear, the ocean was calm. Traveling on board the new Utila Dream Ferry was truly a treat! I usually hide from the sun, as my skin does not take it very well, I could not resist traveling on the outside deck on the bow. It was fun to enjoy the scenery while feeling the fresh marine breeze blowing on my face…

About Pico Bonito National Park

And this is where my post about Pico Bonito National Park comes to be. You see, when the air is crisp and clean, you get a magnificent view of the Nombre de Dios Mountains and Pico Bonito National Park. The view from Utila is spectacular!  The skyline of the coast, with the rugged peaks jutting over the clouds makes you wonder about Pico Bonito National Park and everything it has to offer. A visit to the Caribbean Bay Islands of Honduras is magnificent. Complementing it with a visit to the mainland brings your experience to a complete new level! Dare to discover all there is about Pico Bonito National Park!

Pico Bonito National Park is Just a Short Trip From Utila!

As seen from Utila, you can only imagine what lies within these spectacular, jungle clad mountains. There is a unique, very accessible area that you should visit.  As seen from Utila, you will easily see a triangular shaped peak, which is Pico Bonito Mountain. To the left of Pico Bonito you will see a dip in the mountains. It is precisely along this valley where the Cangrejal River, which is the natural boundary between Pico Bonito and Nombre de Dios National Parks, flows towards the Caribbean.

About Pico Bonito National Park


The Cangrejal River Valley is the Perfect Setting to Learn all About Pico Bonito National Park

The Cangrejal River Valley is probably the most unique tropical rainforest area within Central America. Its scenic setting, together with a variety of different lodges and activities are to be found, make of it a prime spot to look for a hotel in La Ceiba where to stay and enjoy yourself.

Traveling to Roatan or Utila? Make sure that you plan a couple of days to visit the Cangrejal River Valley in the mainland. There you will learn about Pico Bonito National Park, the most bio-diverse national park in Central America!