Enjoying Stormy Weather…

I am comfortably sitting in my desk, looking across the valley and watching the rain, as it is pushed around by some blustery winds. The rain somewhat quiets the sounds of the roaring Cangrejal River which is swollen after an all night rain, product of a cold front that is affecting the coast of Atlantida, in Central America’s Caribbean coast.

But alas, this is our rainy season in this part of the world. And we do get some wintry conditions, with temperatures dropping to the upper sixties or lower seventies. The current temperature is a “chilly” 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the bright side, that the rain keeps our lovely Cangrejal River with plenty of water for some World Class white water rafting. The El Bejuco waterfall is flowing magnificently and producing a great show as it drops 200 feet off a cliff towards the Cangrejal River. It also keeps out tropical rain forests green, and then yes, it is nice to have a change from the usually hot, muggy weather that we can have when living on the coast of tropical Central America.

We even enjoy pulling out a sweater to help us keep warm, and then if it gets a bit colder, we can always turn on our fireplace. You see, when we built our bed and breakfast in the lovely Cangrejal River Valley, I really wanted a nice fireplace to give our living room / lobby area a special charm. We seldom use our fireplace, but when we do, we really enjoy it. I believe it is probably the only fireplace in La Ceiba!

When the weather gets bad, the port facility in La Ceiba is shut down, and there are no ferry boats to the bay islands. If this is the case with you, relax, book a room at La Villa de Soledad B&B, where the pleasures of enjoying stormy weather will become a great experience. Who knows, we might even turn our fireplace on if you request it!