What is the Real Status of the Zika Virus in Honduras?

The new world pandemic is the Zika Virus. It seems to have spread at an alarming rate throughout Latin America. The virus is spread by a mosquito that can also carry Malaria, Dengue fever and Chicunguya. The government of Honduras has taken extreme actions. It has declared a sanitary alert to create access to extra funds to fight the decease.

But what does the sanitary alert against the Zika Virus in Honduras really mean? Should you as a traveler be concerned about it?

It means that the Government has taken all the measures to control the spread of the virus. Zika is not a contagious decease; it is brought on by an infected mosquito, in the same way that many other tropical deceases are transmitted.  As such, the main solution is to make sure that you eliminate the conditions that the mosquito needs to reproduce itself. Fortunately, there are many successful experiences regarding the control of mosquitoes. This means that the fight against the Zika Virus in Honduras, and the rest of Latin America does not really require enormous funds nor high tech measures to control. It takes a bit of discipline and effort by the communities to eradicate breeding conditions.

Should you Cancel your Trip Because of the Zika Virus in Honduras?

There is absolutely no need to cancel your trip to Honduras or Central America because of the Zika Virus. As a general rule, most of the Zika outbreaks take place in the larger cities. Here the population lives in cramped quarters and without regular running water. This means that they have many different water receptors that facilitate a perfect breeding spot for mosquitoes. If you are visiting the tourist areas in Honduras, such as Copan Ruinas, Atlantida (Tela, La Ceiba and the Cangrejal River Valley) or the Bay Islands, your risk of infection is very low. As a precautionary measure, bring some bug repellent to rub on yourself to make sure that the insects do not get near you.

The Zika Virus in Honduras is not a threat to you as a tourist. You can have a great time visiting the country. La Villa de Soledad has been our home for the past 7 years. No one in the family has become ill with Malaria, Dengue, Zika or Chicungunya, because we do not have many bugs out here. We seldom use insect repellent, but then again, we have plenty of frogs, toads, bats and geckos that love to eat insects!