Traveling Between Utila and Roatan Just Got Easy!

Despite being sister islands, traveling between Utila and Roatan has always been complicated. With no scheduled service between both islands, it has always been a travelers nightmare traveling between them. Until recently, the easiest, and practically only way of travelling between Utila and Roatan was  to take the ferry from Utila to La Ceiba, and then board the ferry from La Ceiba to Roatan. The same operation was valid traveling in the opposite direction, from Roatan to Utila. The schedules worked in both directions. However, not only where you paying more, you were actually traveling twice the distance!

The good news is that the Utila Dream, is  now operating three times a week between Utila to Roatan route. This route operates on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This makes traveling between Utila and Roatan a piece of cake. Departures from Utila will be at 9:30 a.m. from the Municipal dock in Utila, and return from Roatan will depart at 2:00 p.m.  from the Coconut Tree Dock at West End. By using this arrival and departure location, passengers will actually be arriving or departing directly from the heart of the most popular location in Roatan: West End.  The trip will be a short 40 minute ride between both islands! It makes it much easier to experience both islands as each one has its own particular atmosphere.

Island Air, a small airline based in Utila is also offering round trip service between Utila and Roatan on Saturdays. This of course is even more convenient if you are traveling to Roatan to catch an international flight, since you arrive at the Roatan International Airport (RTB).

This new route has been in effect since the first week in March, 2016, and will certainly make traveling between Utila and Roatan and viceversa much, much easier!