Inn Keeping a Wonderful Way of Meeting Interesting People!

I recently had a friend ask if I could write a post for a page he manages. After I sent it to him he thanked me and asked how I wanted the credit, proposing that It should have my name and refer to my ex job, editor at Honduras tips. Although my activity at Honduras tips was a lot of fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I felt that the credit should refer to my current activity, which is innkeeper at La Villa de Soledad B&B.

He objected, “an innkeeper is like the guy in charge of the hostel” he said… You should refer to something more important… he suggested. He kind of felt that presenting myself as the innkeeper was not up to my standards. Well, I actually love my activity as innkeeper. I get to play host and meet many different people. Each one falls upon us for different reasons. Some want to get away from it all. Others want to be as close to nature as possible. Some come from as near as La Ceiba, others from as far as New Zealand and Australia! I actually really enjoy the pleasures of inn keeping, why shouldn’t I be proud of it?

Recently a young couple drove up our road in their fully equipped 4X4 SUV. They had California plates, and were looking for a place to camp. After raving about the grounds and location at La Villa de Soledad, they asked if we would allow them to camp there. Usually, I would have said no, but they looked so friendly, and raved about our property. So we quickly agreed to the terms.

An Interesting and Talented Young Couple Visits Us!

inn keepingAs we talked, I learned that their names where Ashwin and Olivia. They were following a dream to travel from California all the way to the Argentine Patagonia! Of course, they still have a lot of road to carry. Ash, as Olivia called him, is a great photographer, and we quickly came to terms of a barter deal. They could spend a couple of nights at our place. In return we would get a video produced about our bed and breakfast. Certainly a win – win deal for both parties.  You can see the video he produced for us here: I’m sure you’ll love it!

One of the pleasures of inn keeping is that from time to time, you will meet someone who shares his dreams with you. Sometimes they are dreams that you can relate to, others they are far from your dreams. One way or another, it is always educating when a person is willing to share his dreams with you. Ashwin and Olivia did just that! I put it my five cents to try to make their dream perfect, suggesting a couple of places that I thought they would love to visit, both in Honduras and Nicaragua.

Being a Travel Writer is a Perfect Match with Inn Keeping

You see, in addition to being an inn keeper together with my wife Soledad at La Villa de Soledad, I am also a travel writer and blogger. I have a travel blog about Honduras that I started recently. I am having a lot of fun putting it together and hope that it will be useful to many different travelers to Honduras. You can visit my Honduras travel blog at www.hondurastravel.com. I also have a travel Nicaragua travel information page that I am in process of turning into a blog. You can visit that one at www.nicatips.com.

Living in Central America has been a great experience. I absolutely love it! If you come out way towards the city of La Ceiba, please consider visiting our bed and breakfast located on the Cangrejal River Valley in La Ceiba. Soledad and I would love to share our little piece of paradise with you, and we would be honored if you are willing to spend some time in our lovely inn: La Villa de Soledad.

Hope to see you soon! Feel free to send us an email and contact us for information regarding our “neck of the woods”!