I recently had a young couple visiting us at La Villa de Soledad B&B. Together they are a great team and have a vlog promoting Honduras. Daniel is from Honduras, but has lived in the United States for several years. Danielle is from the US and has an Italian Heritage. I invited them over to discover all the things that you can do in the Cangrejal River Valley. Daniel grew up in La Ceiba, and thought he knew that Cangrejal River Valley well. Wow, was he in for a surprise!

We coordinated picking him up in Indura, the luxury golf resort in Tela. what a surprise when they walked into La Villa de Soledad. The spacious areas blend into the outdoors almost seamlessly. Comfy rooms have a great cross ventilation and direct access to a porch. You even have your own personal hammock! But they were more impressed with the high speed internet in the middle of the jungle! Yes, La Villa de Soledad has outstanding high speed internet provided via a fiber optic cable!

A Two Day Itinerary for the Perfect Cangrejal River Adventures: Day One

Cangrejal River AdventuresAfter giving them a glass of passion fruit juice, we sat down and discussed their itinerary for the next two days. Day one had a white water rafting trip arranged with Omega Tours. The tour is a half day adventure that would start in the morning and end with a lunch at their facilities, just up the road from La Villa de Soledad. The white waters of the Cangrejal River provided some outstanding class III and IV rapids. Best of all, they made friends with a couple from South Africa that was staying at the Omega Tours Lodge.

After Lunch, I would pick them up and give them a transfer three kilometers down the road to Las Cascadas Lodge. There, they would hike up into the forests of Nombre de Dios National Park. The goal was to reach the top of some beautiful waterfalls and then descend by rappelling down the face of the falls. This is Canyoning at its best. Certainly the best place in Honduras, probably in all Central America, for this exciting adventure!

A Much Needed Rest For Another Adventure!

Needless to say, they were exhausted by the end of the day. What an adventure filled day. World Class white water rafting in the morning. Then exploring the tropical rainforest and finding some lovely waterfalls and descend down to the crystal clear pools at the bottom! By the end of the day, some celebrating was in order. So they headed out to the lovely La Jungla Bar to regroup with their new friends from South Africa. After some good times and a couple of cocktails they were ready for a good night sleep at La Villa de Soledad.

La Ceiba AccommodationsIt’s hard to describe the peaceful nights at the Villa. The murmur of the water racing down the Cangrejal River towards the Caribbean lulls you to sleep. The usual cool breeze blowing down the valley keeps you nice and cool. You will want to cover up under the cotton sheets, and might even ask for a blanket on some cooler nights. Just before dawn, the sounds of the jungle will let you know it will soon be time to get up and ready for a new adventure. If you are into birding, this will signal the time to get up and out to see all the birds!

A Two Day Itinerary for the Perfect Cangrejal River Adventures: Day Two

For the second day, we had scheduled a hike into Pico Bonito National Park. The lovely El Bejuco Waterfall is at the end of a jungle trail. Watching the fall from the bottom is unbelievable. Daniel was astounded that as a local, he had never visited these stunning falls he had often seen from the road. Access is through an “Indiana Jones” style suspension bridge that spans over 400 feet high across the Cangrejal River. The views from the bridge are outstanding and worth the effort. From the bridge, a 1 ½ hour hike will bring you to the foot of the waterfall. I invite you so take a look at the video that Daniel and Danielle put together to admire the sheer beauty of El Bejuco Waterfall.

If you are looking for a site for adventures in nature, you will be hard pressed to find a better site than the Cangrejal River Valley. You will find that La Villa de Soledad is the ideal lodge for such an adventure. It is within walking distance to all these adventure activities. You will also enjoy our inviting hammocks with the company of a refreshing cocktail to help you relax in nature after a unique day of adventures. This is one experience you will cherish for a lifetime. It will be one of the highlights of your trip to Central America. Best of all, it is an affordable experience in one of the safest areas in Honduras.