Top Reasons to Travel to Atlantida:

Atlantida, the destination in Central America that offers the best National Parks in Central America, and the friendliest people in the region d is also the Gateway to the Bay Islands, the most popular Caribbean destination in Central America is probably the most complete destination in the Central American Isthmus.Central America Tropical Destination

You see, it is hard to get so many things into one single destination. This alone is certainly one of the top reasons to travel to Atlantida.

But here is a short list of a few other reasons to travel to Atlantida:

It is easy to get to! You can fly from the major gateways in the USA nonstop to San Pedro Sula and or Roatan International airports. From there you are just a short distance from the main hubs in Atlantida: Tela and La Ceiba.

Many people in Atlantida speak your language: English. You see, Atlantida began a swift development over 100 years ago, with the arrival of two competing US based fruit companies: United Fruit Brands (Chiquita Banana) and Standard Fruit Company (Dole). These companies brought in many English speaking executives and workers, and the locals also were quick to learn this second language.  In addition, the proximity to the English speaking Bay Islands of Honduras has always encouraged locals to learning that second language!

There are a total of 8 protected areas within Atlantida. Of these, 7 are easily accessible to travelers. These areas are so diverse, that you will have a blast visiting the different habitats, and learning more about how they interact. They include rugged mountains completely covered with tropical rainforests, marine estuaries surrounded by mangrove forests, with both fresh and salt water canals, ideal for a diversity of land and marine life; and finally marine sanctuaries with some of the best preserved coral reefs in the Caribbean.  You can choose between visiting any one of these or better, yet: all of them!

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A magnificent white water river: the Cangrejal, which rushes rapidly from the high mountains of Pico Bonito and Nombre de Dios National Parks on its way towards the Caribbean Sea. Here, in the Cangrejal River Valley, you will find a variety of different lodging options, such as the award winning La Villa de Soledad B&B. Come and see it for yourself!

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A port facility with regular ferry service to the Bay Islands of Utila and Roatan, both unique, and yet so very different between themselves! You choose which you prefer to visit, or better yet, visit them both!

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Atlantida is a safe destination. Thousands of tourists visit it regularly, both to stay and explore Atlantida as well as on their way to the Bay Islands.

Traveling to and from Atlantida within the region is easy and affordable. With an international Airport in La Ceiba, the port facilities that give you access to the Bay Islands, and good paved highways that provide easy access to the region, there are also several different bus companies and tour operators that offer services between the area, including regular connections towards Antigua Guatemala, and Leon Nicaragua.

I believe the above are all good reasons to travel to Atlantida! You will find that you will Atlantida offers a great variety of activities and lodging options to choose from. It will certainly become a highlight of your trip to Central America.