Interested in a few tips about backpacking in Honduras?

Honduras, just as all of Central America, is a great destination for backpackers. Every year, thousands of tourists backpack throughout Central America, and the number is just growing and growing. It’s interesting to note that although we usually think of backpackers as young tourists who are always looking for the best deal, wanting to stretch their cash as far as they possibly can and who will not spend on any frills. The truth is that there are more and more backpackers who are middle aged and even seniors, some are traveling along, many with their couples and there are even a few of them who do so with their families! While they are on a budget, they all have a credit card and do spend on comfort from time to time.

Backpacking in Central America offers great opportunities for unique experiences, and despite what you read in all of the travel warnings, it is actually quite safe to do so. Lately, there are more and more tourists backpacking in Honduras, and there is a good reason for it! Honduras, together with Nicaragua, offer great backpacking destinations at affordable prices. While places like Panama, Costa Rica and Belize have become more and more expensive, Honduras is still very, very affordable. Best of all, tourists are welcome in Honduras, and the more you get away from the big cities, the more friendly people get!

backpacking in Honduras

In the last year, we have had three different travel bloggers who visited us at La Villa de Soledad, and each of them was carrying their backpack. I found that while they usually go out for the more budget hostel stays, they also love to give themselves a break and “splurge” from time to time, and if you are backpacking in Honduras there are many different places where you can splurge at affordable costs for unique  properties that are truly priceless!

Each of the three travel  bloggers who stopped by La Villa de Soledad for a few days while backpacking in Honduras wrote about their experiences in Honduras in their blogs:  The first one, Travel blogger Johnny Ward has a blog called onestep4ward. The second travel blogger that came our way was Jonny Blair from Dontstopliving. The last of the three travel bloggers that were backpacking in Honduras and stayed with us is Shivya Nath, a dynamic young woman from India who has a true talent for travel writing. She has an outstanding travel blog called the shooting star.

backpacking in Honduras

There are many different unique places to visit while backpacking in Honduras. Best of all, you will find many authentic, charming hostels, hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfasts that will provide great service at a fair price. Don’t let those exaggerated travel warnings by the US state department keep you from having a great backpacking in Honduras experience! Come and see for yourself how beautiful, safe and friendly Honduras really is!