Searching for the perfect weekend getaway is always a chore… You want some place nearby, but affordable, and that offers both, the option to relax and get rid of your stress or to have an action packed getaway and experience a new adventure! (Perhaps you want a bit of both!)

There is a little known, absolutely beautiful valley tucked away in the rugged Nombre de Dios Mountains, where the tropical rain forest co exists with a relatively large city nearby… a place where you will relax with the sound of running water and singing birds, where you will experience the thrill of white water or hiking in the rain forest… This little known secret place is called the Cangrejal River Valley, and it is located near the city of La Ceiba on the Caribbean coast of Honduras. Truly the perfect weekend getaway!  It is easy to get to from the main cities of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, as well as from the main tourism hubs of the Bay Islands of Honduras: Utila and Roatan. It is also just a short one hour flight from Grand Cayman, allowing you to arrange a perfect weekend getaway using the Cayman Airways flights from Georgetown, Grand Cayman Island to La Ceiba operating scheduled flights on Friday and Monday. For updated information regarding the Cayman Airways flight schedule to La Ceiba, Honduras, check out

Best of all is the fact that the Cangrejal River Valley offers a variety of hostels, inns and jungle eco lodges that will fit into any budget, with everything from a true luxury eco lodge accommodation to a back packer’s hostel, with everything in between. For a complete list on hotels in the Cangrejal River Valley, check out

If you are In the Bay Island of Roatan, and want to take advantage of the perfect weekend getaway, make use of the Galaxy Wave Ferry, they have a twice daily schedule that allows you to travel between Roatan and La Ceiba in the morning or afternoon in both directions, for detailed, up to day info on the schedules, check out

The perfect weekend getaway is also available from the Bay Island of Utila, with daily service aboard the Utila Princess Ferry.

Last but not least, easy access to La Ceiba from both San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa, make it easy to get to the perfect weekend getaway using either your own vehicle, taking the excellent public bus service provided by  As well as using the local airline,, who services both the Tegucigalpa to La Ceiba and the San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba routes.

Take advantage and come to the Cangrejal River Valley, the perfect weekend getaway in Honduras!