Great news! This past Monday, July 12, the staff at La Villa de Soledad got their first Pfizer shot. This means that the totality of staff at La Villa de Soledad are vaccinated against COVID 19! Half of us have both shots, while others have one. We are confident that before the end of August we will all have both shots. Independently of this fact, we are still taking COVID 19 very seriously. All our bio security standards are in place, and we take great effort to make sure that we keep this virus at bay.

Another good piece of news is the fact that all the guides that we use all have at least one jab. This means that you can hire a guide to take you hiking in the park and he will have at least one shot. The same is true about the rafting, canyoneering and zip line guides. This has been possible thanks to the support from the Honduras Institute of Tourism. They have made COVID shots available to all the tourism staff in Honduras. You can visit Copan Ruinas, the Bay Islands, and the Caribbean coast of Atlántida! Relax and feel comfortable that you are safe during your vacations!

Staff at La Villa de Soledad are vaccinated against COVID 19
Getting my first Covid jab!

Our Facilities are Perfect for Social Distancing!

I must add that the fact that our facilities are very much in the open. In addition, we only have 5 rooms. This means that you will not encounter a large group of persons. Our rooms are spacious and have great cross ventilation. This translates to the fact that you need not worry about an air conditioning unit recirculating the air with the possible virus in your room. We have no air conditioning! Public areas are incredibly open. In fact, the indoors and outdoors blend in seamlessly to create a unique setting. You are away from the hot sun rays and from rain but can enjoy the cool breeze blowing up the river canyon.

There is no doubt that the Cangrejal River area is perfect to enjoy nature. Outdoor facilities in our national parks are readily available. Social distancing is effortless, as our parks are huge, and traffic is low. We are confident that now that you know that the staff at La Villa de Soledad are vaccinated against COVID 19, you will feel motivated and safe visiting us in our little piece of paradise. We will be waiting for you!