Atlantida is the new and upcoming destination in Central America!

1. Atlantida Honduras  is the Gateway to the Bay Islands

Yes the Bay Islands of Honduras are famous, and there is a reason why they are: Lovely, still quite pristine, with beautiful white sand beaches, magnificent coral reefs, picturesque native towns, and friendly English speaking people. Although Roatan has its own international airport, most people prefer traveling to La Ceiba, the capital of Atlantida and then take the 1 ½ hour state of the art ferry trip to Roatan. This way, they get to see more of the country and its beautiful nature and friendly people.

getting from the USA to Honduras is easy via Roatan and using the Roatan Ferry

2. The Garifuna Culture

The Garifuna Culture has been declared Intangible World Heritage. The heroic fight that this unlikely culture fought against the European Conquerors’ is a truly interesting part of History that is known to few. Not only did they maintain their freedom, they have also retained their own language and traditions over the centuries. 95% of the Garifunas call Honduras their home, and many of them live in Atlantida Honduras. The Garifunas are friendly people who live off the sea, and therefore all of their villages are on the Caribbean Coast of Central America. Come and interact with this unique culture, and visit their communities in Atlantida.

3. The highest peak on the Atlantic Coast in the North American Continent

The Nombre de Dios Mountains rise sharply from sea level to a maximum altitude of over 8000 feet above sea level. The highest peak is Pico Bonito, located almost behind the City of La Ceiba. This triangular shaped peak has become an icon for the city, and is home to Pico Bonito National Park. Pico Bonito is the highest peak on the Atlantic Coast of all of North and Central America. This natural barrier provides outstanding protection to some of the most pristine National Parks in Central America.

4. The highest percentage of protected areas in all of Central America!

Atlantida Honduras offers 4 national parks, two wildlife refuges, one marine monument and a Botanical garden; in total 8 protected areas where you will find a huge diversity of eco systems, providing a variety of options for the eco tourist. Great hiking, outstanding birding, World class white water rafting, fantastic snorkeling are but a few of the options available. What else could you ask for in a eco destination?

10 reasons to visit Atlantida Honduras

5. The best beaches on the Atlantic coast / Caribbean Sea in Central America

There are two main hubs in Atlantida Honduras, Tela and La Ceiba. Tela is famous in Central America for its beautiful beaches. The Bay of Tela has many miles of beaches, including the most beautiful white sand beaches in Central America. La Ceiba is not famous for its beaches, however the community of El Porvenir, adjacent to Tela offers great beaches and a relaxed atmosphere.  If you are a beach lover, Atlantida will not disappoint you! Without much pretense, I can assure you that the best beaches in mainland Central America are to be found in Atlantida Honduras.

10 reasons to visit Atlantida Honduras

6. The best nightlife in Honduras

La Ceiba has an outstanding reputation as the best night life destination in Honduras. It has a lot to do with the great clubs and disco’s that are located right on the beach and offer music to dance to till the wee hours of the morning. If you are dancer, or a night owl, come to La Ceiba and enjoy some of the best night life in Central America.

7. The Cangrejal River in La Ceiba is the hub for adventure activities in Atlantida.

Just like Tela is famous for its beaches, La Ceiba has the magnificent Cangrejal River which offers World class white water rafting . This is one of the best rivers in Central America to raft in! It is easy to get to, it offers great, challenging technical rapids, incredibly clear water, and an amazing scenery as you paddle to maneuver through huge, building size boulders on the river bed. Atlantida Honduras offers the best white water rafting in Honduras and quite possibly, the best white water rafting in Central America and the Caribbean!

10 reasons to visit Atlantida Honduras

8. Outstanding diving

Atlantida Central Honduras offers World Class diving! Despite the fact that it is not well known for its diving, Atlantida offers World Class diving. Both Tela and La Ceiba have great diving options. The “Capiro” reef located a few kilometers off the shores of the Tela Bay is the best preserved reef in all of the Central America Caribbean Coast. If you are in La Ceiba, easy access from Sambo Creek to the Hog Cays (Cayos Cochinos) will set you in one of the most pristine reefs in the Caribbean. Diving is absolutely spectacular. Best of all, there are few divers in the reefs, so these are still very much pristine and your to explore!

10 reasons to visit Atlantida Honduras

9. There are no crowds in Atlantida Honduras!

Atlantida, up to now, has been a relatively unknown destination. This means that it does not receive many visitors, and although this is not good news for the business owners, it is great news for the tourists who do visit Tela, La Ceiba or both! The National Parks, the different activities available and the many attractions are beautiful and un-crowded. If you are like I am, and dislike being in crowded places and avoid being caught in tourist traps, then Atlantida is perfect for you! Come to Atlantida and enjoy nature like its meant to be: un-crowded and pristine. Atlantida is often overlooked by travelers who on their way to the Bay Islands of Honduras actually pass right through it and actually skip it completely! What a mistake! Take note that the one week of the year when this is not true is during Easter Week, known locally as Semana Santa. During this week

Atlantida Honduras

10. Atlantida Honduras is easy to get around in.

One of the great advantages of Atlantida Honduras as a tourist destination is that there are so many different things to do and it is easy to get around. There is great bus service between Tela and La Ceiba, and there taxis are plentiful and affordable. In addition, there are two daily departures from La Ceiba to both Utila and Roatan, and the airport in La Ceiba offers direct not stop flights to all three of the islands plus San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa. The highway between Tela and La Ceiba is in great condition, so you can rest assured you will find it easy to get around. Another fact that will it easier to get around in Atlantida is the fact that Atlantida has the highest percentage of bilingual English Spanish people in all of Honduras. This means that communicating in English will be relatively easy during your vacations in Atlantida Honduras.

10 reasons to visit Atlantida Honduras

Now that you are aware of the top ten reasons to visit Atlantida Central Honduras, start planning your trip. Make sure you do not miss out on the Cangrejal River. Here you will find outstanding lodging options, such as La Villa de Soledad. Come and enjoy the best vacations ever with us in Atlantida Honduras!