Tips to plan your Semana Santa 2016 Honduras Holiday!

Easter week, or “Semana Santa” as we name it in Spanish is the busiest week of the year. In Central America in general, and Honduras in particular, citizens flock to the beaches, because this coincides with the hottest, sunniest days of the year. There are so many people traveling throughout Honduras that I thought it would be useful to put together a few tips for those of you who will be enjoying the upcoming Semana Santa 2016 Honduras holidays. This year, Easter Week, or Semana Santa will be between Saturday 19th of March and Sunday March 27th 2016.

Tip# 1. Make sure you make reservations in advance! Being the busiest week in the year, the hotels, hostels and even your friends and family beach homes will fill up, so call ahead and make a reservation. Better, yet, prepay your room in advance if at all possible. This is the best way to insure that the room will be waiting for you when you arrive!

Tip # 2. The absolutely busiest days of the year on the highways and roads in Honduras will be between Thursday 24th and Sunday 27th   of March. If you need to be on the road during these days, make sure you are prepared for a lot of traffic. If at all possible, try to travel before and after these days!

Tip # 3. Despite being the busiest week of the year, most of the transportation companies, including buses, airlines and ferry operators do not operate on Good Friday, which will be Friday 25th of March. Do not count on transportation services on this particular day. It may be possible that one or two companies do provide services, but most will not!

Tip # 4. If you are going to the beach, to the river, or wherever, get there early! This will insure you find a good spot before the crowds roll in!

Tips # 5. If you are still in the planning stage of your holidays, consider vacationing in Atlantida, and visit the magical Cangrejal River Valley, where you will find many different and unique activities to enjoy!

Hotels in Pico Bonito National Park

I hope these tips are helpful and can make your Semana Santa 2016 Honduras holidays more enjoyable!  Happy Easter!