Looking for a Hotel in La Ceiba

Are you looking for a hotel in La Ceiba? Choosing just the right hotel in La Ceiba can be a difficult chore. Perhaps I can lend a helping hand to get your choice correctly.

Probably the first question you should ask yourself when looking for a Hotel in La Ceiba is why you are coming to the city. Is it a business trip? Are you here for the nightlife? Did you decide on visiting the area because of its eco tourism and adventure tourism options? Are you coming here because you are looking for a beach resort to enjoy and relax in?

Okay, I guess that I have overwhelmed you with questions and got you even more confused… Lets try to sort it out. If you are on a business trip that is bringing you to town and you need a hotel in La Ceiba, then you should choose a hotel that is downtown, or at least within the city. Three great options are the Gran Hotel Paris, the Hotel La Quinta and the Hotel Quinta Real. This last one has the additional benefit of being on the beach.

If you want to be close to the sea, but still within town, then you should consider between the Quinta Real Hotel and the Partenon Beach Hotel. These are certainly the two best options. Don’t let others trick you into the fact that they are on the beach. They simply aren’t!

Hotel in La Ceiba

The other option that you can choose if it’s the beach that you are looking for is the Palma Real Resort, this property is on a nice beach, but it is out of town, so it makes for a quieter stay, but a visit to the city can be complicated and expensive. On the bright side, the resort is all inclusive, so you don’t have to worry about finding a place to eat in!

Last, but not least, is the option in Sambo Creek, where you can find a variety of hotels on the beach, such as Villa Helen, Canadian, and Paradise Found.

Most international visitors come to la Ceiba because of eco tourism and adventure tourism potential. If this is your case, then a hotel in La Ceiba that gives you access to nature and adventure is your best bet. The most famous eco lodge in La Ceiba is the Lodge at Pico Bonito, located a few miles west of the city of La Ceiba. This lodge has great access to trails into Pico Bonito National Park.

For adventure activities, your best bet for a hotel in La Ceiba would be within the Cangrejal River Valley. There are actually several hotels in the area, and you can find a complete list in www.cangrejalriver.com . La Villa de Soledad is certainly one of the best options, as can be ascertained from reading the reviews that guests have put up in tripadvisor:  http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g292023-d1603386-Reviews-La_Villa_de_Soledad_B_B-La_Ceiba_Atlantida_Department.html . The big advantage about the Cangrejal River area is that it gives you direct access to both adventure and nature related activities. It also offers unparalleled opportunities to simply relax and catch up with yourself!

Best hotel in the Cangrejal River Valley

I invite you  visit our web page and go through our options, including rooms and tours in the area. We would be honored to have you stay with us at La Villa de Soledad during your visit to La Ceiba and enjoy the multiple options available for both adventure and nature travel. Come and relax in nature with us! If you are looking for a hotel in La Ceiba, we are your best option!