There are more and more travelers that are going places looking for unique beautiful birds to see, enjoy and add to their have seen list. Honduras has become ever so popular for those that are looking to spot unique species. Little by little, the word has gotten out that Honduras not only has many birds to be seen, they are also easy to see, there is a lovely countryside to enjoy and there are great facilities that provide great comfort while you set out on your quest of seeing that unique species you have no yet added to your list. Bird watching in Atlantida, which is on the Caribbean Coast of Honduras, is truly spectacular.

Atlantida is the name of a department which is becoming one of the most upbeat eco destinations in Central America, and it’s easy to see why: With 8 protected areas within a relatively small territory; bird watching in Atlantida offers a variety of habitats that you can combine into one single trip. The marine estuaries at the Cuero y Salado wildlife Refuge offer a magnificent opportunity to see both native and migratory species that are comfortable in a marine habitat.

In addition, you can enjoy a completely different scenario in the tropical rain forests of Pico Bonito National Park, where species that are native to the rain forests of Central America. One of the prized regular sightings in Pico Bonito National Park is the lovely cotinga, an absolutely beautiful blue bird that is easily seen the trails of Pico Bonito National Park, especially around the Lodge at Pico Bonito. Bird watching in Atlantida can be a magnificent experience, with many exotic birds easily seen from comfortable settings. The Lodge at Pico Bonito has some tall observation towers that are absolutely fantastic to see the birds that abound in the canopy of the tropical rain forest.

Bird watching in Atlantida

Bird watching in Atlantida is also fantastic along the Cangrejal River Valley, where you can enjoy your stay in one of the eco lodges along the Cangrejal River ( Here, from the comfort of your hammock at places such as La Villa de Soledad B&B, you can spot several different species flying around the grounds and in the tree branches around our property.

Another fantastic place for bird watching in Atlantida is to be enjoyed at the Lancetilla Botanical Gardens, just outside the city of Tela. The gardens, that were originally part of an ongoing scientific research station by the Tela Railroad Company (Chiquita Banana), resulted in the second largest tropical botanical garden in the world. The huge variety of fruit trees in the area have attracted a massive number of birds who now use the grounds as their personal feeding station, allowing you to have a feast while bird watching in Atlantida.

Come to Atlantida and have a wonderful vacation while enjoying one of the most diverse bird watching destinations in the world! Bird watching in Atlantida will be a dream come true!