Looking for Great Central America Travel Blog?

Despite the fact that there are a lot of travelers visiting Central America, there are truly very few up to date Central America Travel Blog pages out there! Central America is visited by many different travelers, from luxury to adventure seeking tourists. Some are backpackers on a budget; others may have no budget at all as they follow their quest for truly unique, unforgettable vacations.

Although many different travel bloggers have come through Central America over the years, and written about, their information is many times way outdated. So what do great tips on outdated information lead to? Well you never know… There is no doubt that there is a need for an updated Central America travel blog.

Being an expat who has lived in Central America for over 25 years, and speaking fluent Spanish, I have started a Central America travel blog for Honduras under the web page for my bed and breakfast: La Villa de Soledad. I used to be the owner and editor of Honduras tips, a travel guide of Honduras that has become an important tool for travelers visiting Honduras. Although I sold the publication and its rights five years ago, I am still very much in touch with the travel reality of Honduras, and because I own and operate a boutique bed and breakfast with my family, still have a hands on feel for tourism in Honduras. Feel free to ask questions request tips about travel throughout Honduras. I try to put up a daily post in my blog, so you may find that what you need to know is already there!

John Dupuis author of two central america travel blog pages

I have also traveled extensively throughout Nicaragua, and have set up a web page with up to date travel information. Feel free to check it out and ask any questions about Nicaragua if you have any that are not already answered within the blog! I sincerely hope that my Central America travel blogs are useful to you!