Looking into getting scuba certified in Honduras?

Is Honduras really the place to go to get scuba certified? The answer is a definite yes! Getting scuba certified in Honduras is easy, affordable and most of all fun! Honduras has actually carved itself a name in the diving world as the most affordable place to dive and get certified in the world.

You will probably ask me, how can a country in Central America be so outstanding to get scuba certified? Well, if you look at a map, things will start to make sense… fast!

First of all, Central America is bathed by the Caribbean Sea! Second, Honduras is the one country in Central America that is most developed on the Caribbean coast, most of the other countries are more developed on their Pacific coast. And third, Honduras is the only Central America country that actually has a small archipelago on the Caribbean; the Bay Islands of Honduras. The Archipelago has 6 islands and many tiny cays, this without counting the Hog Cays, or Cayos Cochinos, which consists of two small islands and 13 sand cays.

Of the 6 main islands that form the Bay Islands of Honduras, three are permanently inhabited, Utila, Roatan and Guanaja. All three offer unique and very different experiences to the traveler, each including diving. So you will ask, how should I go about getting scuba certified in Honduras?

There is no doubt that the most popular, most affordable, and probably the most fun is the island of Utila. There are over a dozen dive shops in Utila, and they all offer PADI courses from open water diving to different advanced courses. The Dive shops all have small hostels and inns where they offer special deals to the travelers that book the scuba courses with them, making your stay and certification truly affordable.

Perhaps the most outstanding trademark of getting scuba certified in Honduras is the fact that there is a true party atmosphere within the different bars as soon as the sun starts to set. Find one of the multiple bars, such as Tranquila Bar and Rehab, which are located on the waterfront for your first beers or cocktails of the day while you enjoy the sunset.  After, you can continue on to Skidrows, Treetanic Bar or even Casa Dr. John for a true party atmosphere and challenges that will earn you a much desired t shirt after guzzling down a series of shots. Check out this video to get an idea of what to expect!

Another good option for getting scuba certified in Honduras is the island of Roatan. This is a much bigger island than Utila, so you should plan on staying in the village of West End. Here you will find many different dive shops, and although the prices are not as cheap and the variety of bars are not as wild as those in Utila, you will still find a very affordable destination with good entertainment for your scuba certification.

You should take note that most travelers heading to the bay islands in their quest for getting scuba certified in Honduras pass through the city of La Ceiba on the mainland just to catch the ferry to the islands. This is a big mistake! If you are coming this far, you should make sure you check out the Cangrejal River Valley, a truly beautiful spot that is unique in Central America. Natural scenery, great white water rafting and zip line canopy tours, hiking in the rain forests and relaxing in nature are just a few of the options you will find there.

Make sure that you do not miss out visiting the Cangrejal River Valley when following your mission of getting scuba certified in Honduras. You will thank me for having given you the tip of this beautiful area in La Ceiba. If you are looking for a place to be pampered, check out La Villa de Soledad B&B a lovely boutique property on the Cangrejal River that has been awarded the trip advisor Travelers Choice award in 2014 and 2015.