Did you know that diving in Atlantida is not only possible but absolutely great?

Diving in Atlantida? The majority of tourists that visit the Bay Islands of Honduras have one big reason to go there: diving! Utila has become famous worldwide due to the fact that it is considered the most affordable destination in the World to get certified as a diver; in other words there is no less expensive destination to get your certification as a diver! Roatan is not far behind in prices, especially in the West End area, where there are many different dive shops that are competing for your business, usually by dropping their prices! If you are just looking to get certified, then the Islands are certainly your best option, however, if you are a serious diver, looking for unique reefs, then you should probably look a bit further, and you will find that Atlantida could be a great spot to do some different, unique diving!

Diving in Atlantida offers two distinct products, one at each end of the department. Within the Bay of Tela, a reef was recently discovered that has gotten raving reviews. Nobody knew it was there, so it had not been fished, dived, or had boats full of tourists throwing their anchors into the reef so that hordes of tourists or divers could explore the reef… The reef, which has been called Capiro Reef, offers the best reef off mainland Honduras, it is teeming with life, and is just a short boat ride from the town of Tela. There are a couple of operators that provide service here, the easiest one to get in touch with is the Tela Dive Center. Their headquarters are located within the Hotel Marsol, which is on the main entrance to Tela, a couple of blocks before the beach. (www.teladivecenter.com)

In the La Ceiba area, the diving takes place in Cayos Cochinos. To get to Cayos Cochinos, known in English as the Hog Cays, you must go to Sambo Creek. One of the tour operators that provides regular tour service to Cayos Cochinos is Tourist Options, they are located at the Turicentro Sambo Creek which is right on the beach at Sambo Creek. Cayos Cochinos is considered part of the Meso American Barrier Reef, which is the most biodiverse reef in the World! Cayos is so absolutely unique that the Smithsonian institute actually partnered in conducting investigations on the reef several years ago! There is even a boutique dive resort in Cayos Cochinos that offers diving packages to travelers who are serious about diving. The Turtle Bay Eco Resort is located on the bigger of the two islands and has all inclusive (rooms, meals and diving) packages. (www.turtlebayecoresort.com ). So now you know the different options for diving in Atlantida!