Copan and La Ceiba: a perfect match for your holidays.

If you are looking for a spectacular vacation, where you can combine the mythical Mayan ruins in Central America jungles that were first brought back to life by American explorer John Lloyd Stephens and his drawer, Mr. Frederick Catherwood, and some of the most majestic tropical rain forests that you will find in all of Central America or the Caribbean, look no further, and start planning the perfect vacation: Copan and La Ceiba.

Traditionally these two destinations, Copan and La Ceiba, within Honduras have been hard to connect, with the only reliable option of the Hedman Alas bus company that provides service to both destinations via their hub in San Pedro Sula. ( the only drawback to this option was the fact that the travel distance between both destinations was over 7 hours in total, making you lose a full day going and another full day coming back.

However the government of Honduras has finally decided to make a decades old dream come true, a small airport in Copan Ruinas. President Hernandez apparently understands the importance of this runway, and he has taken the executive decision to build it immediately. Ground was broken earlier this year, and construction is progressing very much on time, with the new facility scheduled to be finished in March 2015, within 12 months of breaking ground.

Copan and La Ceiba

The facility will be able to handle regional airliners of up to 100 passengers and will surely be able to put Copan Ruinas on the map. Best of all, it will also help travelers on the backpacker trail traveling between Copan and La Ceiba as well as on the Bay Islands of Honduras with a faster option to travel between these two destinations.

For the clients who travel from the Cayman Islands to La Ceiba using the great air service provided by Cayman Airways, the possibility of spending three nights in one destination and four in the other will surely enhance their experience in Honduras, giving them the best of two different worlds within easy reach.

It is expected that air service between the destinations of Copan and La Ceiba will commence soon after the inauguration of the airport facility early next year!

For a perfect Copan and La Ceiba experience, plan on staying a few nights at La Villa de Soledad B&B in La Ceiba. Innkeepers, John and Soledad will help you arrange the best deals for you based on your specific interests. Soledad is a native of Copan Ruinas, and John was the editor of Honduras Tips magazine for many years, both can provide you with valuable tips for a fantastic stay in both cities.