Don’t get me wrong with this title! This is not about an actual, physical war, and instead of driving you away from the area, you should take immediate advantage of this “war” and travel to La Ceiba and Utila!

You see, it turns out that a new ferry has begun service between La Ceiba and Utila: The Utila Dream. This new ferry is providing much more comfortable service and a much more pleasant setting. But this new Utila ferry service has brought about a fare war, and getting to Utila has never, I mean, never been cheaper! Take advantage of this great opportunity to visit the island of Utila, a true gem in the Caribbean that will easily be a highlight of your visit to Honduras and Central America!

As I am writing this post, and as a result of the Utila ferry wars, the cost of a passage between the ports of La Ceiba and Utila has dropped to only 99 lempiras, this, in US dollars, is under $4.50 US dollars!

The Utila Princess boat is offering the lowest fare, and although the new Utila Dream is a much bigger and nicer boat, the rock bottom fares have kept much of the local population and domestic tourists using the service of the Utila Princess. Furthermore, the new service provided by the Utila Dream is not yet known by all international tourists, who would gladly pay a much reduced fare of $9.00 US one way to travel between these two ports.

Before the new service came into operation, the cost of the passage between La Ceiba and Utila is approximately $25 US, making it a true bargain to travel in these days while the Utila ferry wars are raging!

My advice is drop what you are doing and hurry to visit Utila and La Ceiba, It will never be more affordable to visit these two destinations! Despite the fact that the Utila Dream is twice as expensive as the Utila Princess, it is still a bargain, so go ahead and travel in the new ferry and treat yourself like a VIP! When in La Ceiba, don’t be silly by staying in town, and stay at the truly unique Cangrejal River Valley, where you will find lovely boutique hotels, such as La Villa de Soledad B&B that offer the perfect spot to relax in nature and also gives you access to a variety of adventure and nature activities to choose from.