Is it true that La Ceiba is Eco Tourism?

Many people may wonder why, if at all they should visit La Ceiba… The truth is that La Ceiba is eco tourism! Considered as the Ecotourism capital of Honduras, it is easily one of the best eco tourism destinations in Central America. Best of all, it is not overrun by tourists, making it a unique, spectacular and very desirable destination for those who enjoy some ecotourism. Most travelers on the Central American Route miss out on La Ceiba, despite the fact that many actually come through the city en route to the Bay Islands.

You see, Honduras has gotten bad, very bad press reviews in the past 5 years. A political crisis, sparked by geopolitics, left the poor country with a horrendous reputation, the press, both local and international, worked hard at getting a wrong image of the country out on the table, and quite honestly, up until now, Hondurans have been quite inept at turning the image around. The truth is that Honduras is a lovely country, with magnificent Mayan Archaeological sites, World Class reefs and Caribbean Islands, some of them quite pristine, and some of the best preserved and accessible rain forest in the World. Visitors in Honduras are not harassed, bothered or victims of crime. Fact: There are actually fewer tourists assaulted in all of Honduras that in the City of San Jose, Costa Rica alone!

Actually, Honduras has over 100 protected areas, covering one fifth of the national territory, making it the Central American country with the largest expanses of protected areas and national parks. The total protected areas in Honduras are more than half the size of Costa Rica’s territory!

Of all of Honduras, the department of Atlantida has a total of 8 protected areas within its territory or area of influence, and La Ceiba is the crown jewel of Honduras when it comes to protected areas! With two national parks within its territory: Pico Bonito and Nombre de Dios National Parks, and the Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge adjacent to its political boundaries, as well as the Marine Monument of Cayos Cochinos, located just off the shores of Sambo Creek, La Ceiba offers a multitude of eco activities, that not only complement each other, but also provide for top quality experiences both for the serious as well as the novice eco tourist. So despite the bad rap that Honduras gets from the press, the fact is that if you are a tourist looking for a unique, eco based experience, La Ceiba is Eco Tourism and you should not pass it by!

La Ceiba is Eco Tourism

Best of all is the fact that if you are on the Central American tourist trail, you will most surely be passing by the city on your way to the Bay Islands of Utila or Roatan, both international with a great reputation for diving and snorkeling. One of the main tourism assets of Central America is ecotourism, so it would really make no sense at all to pass by the city that is considered Honduras’ Eco Tourism capital and not take advantage of it. While in La Ceiba, make sure you do not miss the Cangrejal River Valley, a unique area, where you can enjoy a variety of eco tourism and adventure opportunities while relaxing in lovely inns and bed and breakfasts with lots of charm. Come stay at La Villa de Soledad B&B, the best boutique bed and breakfast in La Ceiba, where you can relax in nature… Remember, La Ceiba is Eco Tourism at its best in Central America!