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La Ceiba, being a city of about two hundred thousand inhabitants, has a lot to offer. Generally travelers visit La Ceiba either for its night life or for its magnificent natural environment. If you are planning to visit La Ceiba for its night life, then you should certainly look for La Ceiba Inns that are downtown, close to the “Zona Viva” which is where you will find the night clubs and restaurants that are visited by locals and tourists alike.

However, if you are planning a trip to La Ceiba to explore its magnificent nature, then you should certainly consider looking for La Ceiba Inns that are closer to the National Parks and protected areas that are close to the city.

La Ceiba Inns

La Ceiba offers 4 protected areas that are easily accessible from the city. Pico Bonito National Park is the most renown National Park and is actually a city icon. Pico Bonito National Park is the second largest National Park in Honduras, and is located in a truly rugged area of Honduras, with elevations starting at sea level and climbing up to over eight thousand feet! A second National Park is Nombre de Dios National Park, which is adjacent to Pico Bonito and separated be the lovely, extremely scenic Cangrejal River. It is here, in the Cangrejal River Valley that you will find the largest selection of La Ceiba Inns!

There are a total of 10 small La Ceiba Inns within this area, which is located only 6 miles from downtown La Ceiba, providing easy access to an area that will give you a true sensation of being in a remote location!

La Villa de Soledad is one of La Ceiba Inns, and we work hard to make you feel at home and give all the assistance possible in arranging your tours and activities, both, within the Cangrejal River Valley as well as in other protected areas, such as Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge and Cayos Cochinos Marine Reserve.

If you are looking for La Ceiba Inns that are located within National Parks and provide the experience of a truly comfortable home stay, you should certainly consider La Villa de Soledad. The guests that we have are always happy that they chose to stay with us! For more information regarding the Cangrejal River Valley, visit, or visit to see what other guests have to say about one of the most unique of all La Ceiba Inns!