Eco Resorts in La Ceiba Posted December 28, 2014


Looking for the Perfect Eco Resorts in La Ceiba for you?

Many travelers are visiting Atlantida and La Ceiba because of its huge eco tourism possibilities. These eco tourists are of course looking for eco resorts to stay in. The closer the eco resorts in La Ceiba to the National Parks and protected areas, the more attractive they are to tourists! This is why choosing the right eco resorts in La Ceiba is so important!

eco resorts in La Ceiba

There are several different outstanding locations for eco resorts in La Ceiba. Without doubt, the nicest area is the Cangrejal River Valley. This area is located right between two National Parks, Pico Bonito and Nombre de Dios. A variety of trails, plus other adventure activities, such as white water rafting, rappelling and canyoning down waterfalls and river hiking add to the experience. One of the nicest, and most comfortable eco resorts in La Ceiba is found right here in the Cangrejal River Valley. La Villa de Soledad B&B has become one of the top rated eco resorts in La Ceiba, featuring direct easy access to Pico Bonito National Park trails, white water rafting and outstanding bird watching. It’s easy access from La Ceiba, only a 20 minute ride from the ferry terminal or downtown La Ceiba, or 30 minute ride from the International Airport at La Ceiba, makes it perfect for travelers looking for an eco experience that is easily accessible and that can fit into a perfect combination of jungle and island vacation break. Travelers from both Roatan and Utila who are interested in a magnificent, safe, jungle experience are looking more and more towards a couple of days stay in the Cangrejal River area.

Another area where you can find good eco resorts in La Ceiba is the area around the community of El Pino. Here you can find resorts such as The Lodge at Pico Bonito and Corinto Pearl. Although this area provides great trail options, the truth is that there are so many more things to do within a short radius of the Cangrejal River Valley, that most travelers prefer staying at the Cangrejal River area.

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