Copan Prize 2014

Tonight is the big night for the different candidates that were nominated for the Copan Prize 2014. The Copan Prize 2014 is taking event in the lovely colonial city of Gracias, in Western Honduras. The town, which was founded in 1537 is the home town of President Juan Orlando Hernandez, Constitutional President of Honduras for the 2014 to 2018 presidential term.

Gracias, venue for the Copan Prize 2014

The Copan Prize is meant to be recognition for personal efforts and investment in the tourism industry of Honduras has been issued every year since 2002, and today is the twelfth edition, is usually a big celebration for all those related with the tourism industry in Honduras. President Juan Orlando Hernandez is scheduled to be at the event, which is taking place at the Fortress of San Cristobal, an important landmark in the city of Gracias. The winners of the Copan Prize 2014 will receive the recognition from the hands of President Hernandez himself!

Today there are two candidates from Atlantida that have been nominated for the Copan Prize 2014: Chef Zenia Paz in the Individual Category and the Palma Real Resort of La Ceiba for the Institutional Category. Since the Atlantida destination brand was just presented to the media this week, an effort is being made to use this event to promote the destination brand.

As part of that effort, some of the previous winners of the Copan Prize from the Atlantida region are converging here to promote the fact that the recognition has been awarded to many entrepreneurs and businesses from Atlantida. Mr. Jorge Salaverry from La Moskitia Ecoaventuras, Ms. Lina Martinez from O Big Mama Casabe, and John Dupuis, founder of Honduras tips travel guide, and owner of La Villa de Soledad B&B, are all past winners of the prize and will all be present at the event.  Others may still show up in time to be at the ceremony.

Our best wishes go out to the Copan Prize 2014 from Atlantida. We certainly hope that yet another Copan Prize will find its home in Atlantida! For a list of Copan Prize winners, visit