The Nombre de Dios is a National Park is just outside of La Ceiba, in the municipalities of La Ceiba and Jutiapa. Its name comes from the rugged Nombre de Dios Mountains that rise sharply from the coast. The mountains reach a maximum altitude of over 2500 meters above sea level. (Over 8,000 feet above sea level). The park has its western boundaries in the Cangrejal River, which flows right into the City of La Ceiba. The eastern limit is the Papaloteca River. This river flows past the city of Jutiapa, a few kilometers east of La Ceiba.

There are basically two areas where you can find hotels in the Nombre de Dios National Park. The Cangrejal River Valley area or the beaches between La Ceiba and Jutiapa, with most of the hotels in this area being located either in Sambo Creek or in the Granadita / Roma area. This is where you can find the Palma Real Resort. Palma Real is the largest beach resort in this part of Honduras.

The Cangrejal River Valley Boasts the Most Hotels in Nombre de Dios National Park

The largest variety of hotels in Nombre de Dios are actually in the Cangrejal River Valley. There you will be able to find different settings and arrangements that will accommodate your particular needs. La Villa de Soledad B&B is a lovely boutique bed and breakfast that is 9 km from La Ceiba, and offers a family run atmosphere. 

Its 5 very cozy, spacious rooms are set around a courtyard with a fountain. The hotel offers the old traditional Spanish architecture. It’s unique not only because of its charming design, but also because of its privileged location. It sits on a small hilltop overlooking the Cangrejal River Canyon. You are high enough so that you do not have to worry about a flash flood in the river. Yet close enough to hear the water as it rushes down towards the Caribbean Sea. Many of the Best Rated Hotels in La Ceiba are to be found here!

The advantage that the Cangrejal River Valley offers is the direct access to Pico Bonito National Park via a unique “Indiana Jones” style bridge over the Cangrejal River, this fantastic bridge gives you access to a network of trails into Pico Bonito National Park. You also have the opportunity to enjoy the World Class rapids of the Cangrejal River. Several different top notch white water rafting outfitters do an outstanding job. This is probably the best white water rafting in Central America! The properties located in this area have a double benefit, they are both, hotels in Nombre de Dios and in Pico Bonito National parks! There are many different tours to enjoy in the Cangrejal River Valley!

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